Lateral/Certified Police Officer (Eligibility Listing)

Rockville, MD
Rockville City Police Department

$70,036.00 – $105,429.00 Annually

The Rockville City Police Department is a progressive, professional, and nationally accredited law enforcement agency, is seeking highly motivated men and women for Police Officer positions. Rockville City Police Officers perform routine service and law enforcement work involving a variety of general or support duty police assignments. Work may be performed under emergency conditions and frequently involves personal hazard work. The Rockville City Police Department provides law enforcement-related services to approximately 70,000 residents; responsibility is shared with the Montgomery County Department of Police. City officers respond to calls for service as necessary and utilize partnerships to solve problems and to deal with issues affecting the safety and quality of life in all City neighborhoods.

Essential Job Functions

A Police Officer will:

  • Conducts assigned patrols, whether on foot or by vehicle, throughout the City for the purpose of preventing, detecting or responding to criminal acts and observe for violations of traffic laws, suspicious activities or persons, and disturbances of law and order.
  • Answers calls from citizens for assistance or protection of their life and property.
  • Conducts investigations and gathers evidence in cooperation with other law enforcement personnel and the State’s Attorney’s Office in connection with incidents of criminal activities.
  • Coordinates crime scene investigations and manages resources at the scene of a crime; interviews and counsels victims; catalogues, packages, and transports evidence to the lab for examination; and locates and interviews possible witnesses.
  • Writes reports and citations.
  • Makes arrests of persons charged or suspected of criminal activities and does so in a manner that protects the rights of the accused, the rights and safety of the general public as well as the safety of themselves and other Officers.
  • Detects violations of traffic regulations, and issues warnings and citations as necessary to insure the safety of the public and the free flow of movement on public ways.
  • Responds to reports of traffic accidents, insuring the proper assistance is obtained for injured individuals and that the causes are investigated and issue appropriate citations.


To be considered for employment as a police officer, you must be able to meet the following standards:

  1. Be a United States citizen; or,
    1. a permanent legal resident of the US and an honorably discharged veteran of the US Armed Forces who has applied to obtain US citizenship and the application is still pending approval.
  2. Possess at least a high school diploma, or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate recognized by the State of Maryland.
  3. Be age 21 at the time of your graduation from the police academy
  4. Possess a valid driver’s license
  5. Be able to pass a written police examination
  6. Possess good moral character able to withstand an in-depth background investigation, including polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, medical examination, and drug screen.
  7. Ability to obtain and maintain minimum requirements of the Maryland Police Training Commission