K9 Handler – Police Officer

Cypress, TX
Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District


$25.77 hourly

Working Conditions:

1. Tools/Equipment Used: district vehicle, K9 service animal, firearms, handcuffs, two-way radio, alarm system and other security equipment, fire extinguisher, and standard office equipment including computer and peripherals.

2. Posture: prolonged sitting and standing.

3. Motion: strenuous walking and climbing; frequent keyboarding/mouse, prolonged driving.

4. Lifting: moderate lifting and carrying (15 – 44 pounds) 10 – 50 pounds frequently; 50 – 100 pounds occasionally.

5. Environment: work inside and outside (moderate exposure to sun, heat, cold, and inclement weather), moderate exposure to noise, frequent district-wide travel.

6. Other: specific hearing and visual requirements; may be subject to adverse and hazardous working conditions including violent and armed confrontation: ability to control sudden violent or extreme physical acts of others and exhibit rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously; ability to restrain resistant persons; ability to remove resistant persons with violent behavior.

7. Mental Demands: maintain emotional control under stress; prolonged hours; ability to work shifts including rotating shifts/days off; may be on call 24 hours per day.


1. Be responsible for conducting canine training and keeping the dog at an acceptable of readiness.

2. Document all K9 training and deployments.

3. Work with school administrators to schedule building and vehicle searches on campuses.

4. Conduct K9 presentations on campuses and in the community.

5. Provide for the care, boarding, feeding and exercise of the assigned K9.

6. Ability to conduct deployments on and off school property.

7. Communicate effectively with any segment of the District’s student body/community.

8. Demonstrate ability to be diplomatic in stressful situations.

9. Ability to work modified shifts with little notice.

10.Have a basic knowledge of narcotic trends.

11.Meet all requirements and performs all the normal duties of a CFISD police officer.

12.Monitoring of the police radio and respond in a timely manner to calls for assistance or service.

13.Take appropriate action during an emergency situation, unusual crime, occurrence or condition.

14.Make arrest when necessary for crimes committed in plain view or uncovered through investigations.

15.File charges accordingly.

16.Appear in court for criminal and civil proceedings as a witness and prepare cases for court presentations.

17.Perform duties of police officer position as assigned.


1. High school diploma or certified GED required.

2. Must hold a valid Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.

3. Consideration will not be given to a TCOLE license or license from another state with a General Discharge, Dishonorable Discharge or the equivalent notation from previous law enforcement jobs.

4. Must have a valid Texas driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

5. Must not have a criminal history record and pass a thorough background investigation.

6. Must have a minimum of two years’ successful law enforcement experience as a full-time, licensed peace officer.

7. Must have a basic knowledge of narcotics, handling, processing and documenting evidence and general investigative techniques.

8. Must be able to work with the District Attorney’s office and other local law enforcement agencies as needed.

9. Must be able to handle a demanding schedule which may include responding or working various shifts and locations.

10.Must live within 30 miles of the CFISD Police Headquarters.