Highway Patrol Trooper

NC Statewide
North Caroline Department of Public Safety

As a member of our team, you will contribute to public safety by enforcing traffic laws and reducing crime on public streets and highways in North Carolina. Duties include assisting the public in emergencies; investigating highway accidents; apprehending violators of the law and/or issuing warnings; testifying in court; and assisting other law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety.

$37,273.00 – $65,890.00 Annually


• Age - TO APPLY APPLICANT MUST BE 21 years of age by the first day of basic school And no more than 39 years of age on the first day of Basic School.
• Must have High School diploma or equivalency (GED)
• Must be a Citizen of the United States or Naturalized Citizen
• No Felony Offenses, no serious misdemeanor convictions, good driving record
• Applicants must be willing to live and work in any area of the state of NC
• Vision - Must have 20/20 vision in each eye; uncorrected vision of no more than 20/200 in each eye corrected to 20/20 in each eye
• Physically fit
• A qualified cadet must meet Medical, Physical, Psychological and Background Requirements: Pass COOPER Fitness Test; Score at or above 10 th grade reading level on standardize test; Successfully complete polygraph examination, complete background investigation, review boards, physical exam to include drug screening; and psychological exam.

The successful Officer Demonstrates:
• Ability to learn, interpret and impartially apply the applicable provisions of the motor vehicle laws of North Carolina.
• Ability to collect and present information on patrol activities and investigations in oral and written form.
• Ability to deal with authority but courteously with the general public.
• Ability to read calmly and quickly under emergency conditions.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
Applicants are required to have a High School Diploma or GED. Necessary special qualifications: possession of a valid nc driver's license. Special necessary qualification state employees engaged in law enforcement work, as defined by state statute, are subject to and must meet the applicable education, and training standards as defined and established by the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission.