Forensic Technician Trainee

Detroit, MI
Detroit Police Department
Salary: $27,367.00-$30,032.00 Annually

Under general supervision, responds to an processes crime scenes in the City of Detroit. Serves as a support service to the Detroit Police Department; performs a variety of routine and less complex forensics procedures and tests.

Salary $27,367.00 – $30,032.00 Annually


• Assists mid- and senior- forensic examiners in the preparation of casework by performing less complex and routine forensic procedures and tests.
• Responds to and processes a variety of crime scenes during all hours and in all types of weather, including inclement weather conditions.
• Identifies, evaluates, collects and properly preserves evidence, including latent prints and maintains the proper custody chain.
• Measure locations and distances of evidence, victims and other important landmarks utilizing a variety of equipment, both manual and automated.
• Prepares sketches based on measurements and location of crime scenes.
• Photographers crime scenes, victims. perpetrators and related evidence.
• Test fires evidence weapons.
• Enters images of bullets, casing and fingerprints into computerized databases.
• Develops latent finger prints on a variety of surfaces and items in the laboratory and in the field using fingerprint powders, chemicals and alternate light sources.
• Processes biological samples for storage.
• Prepares and updates files and records.
• Transfers and tracks evidence.
• Testifies in court as to the nature and appropriateness of work performed and interpretation of results.
• Performs general laboratory housekeeping duties, maintains inventory of laboratory supplies and performs other tasks related to the efficient operation of the laboratory.
• Prepares reports based on work performed, data and evidence collected, and, if appropriate, conclusions drawn.


Minimum Qualifications
High school graduation or GED. with successful completion of coursework in biology, chemistry, physical science, and algebra.

A Valid State of Michigan Operators License is Required.

• Metric system weights and measures
• General laboratory safety procedures.

• Observation
• Mathematical applications including fractions, percentages, ratios and simple geometry.

• Precisely document observations and prepare basic technical reports.
• Operate common laboratory instruments and equipment including but not limited to balances, microscopes, spectrophotometers and gas chromatograph.
• Communicate effectively orally and in writing and make public presentations.
• Test fire weapons and recover spent items from specialized water recovery system.
• Operate personal computers and other common office equipment.
• Organize and prioritize work and follow documented procedures.
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships.

Due to the confidential nature of work performed and access to illegal and controlled substances, qualification for employment in this class is subject to a Police Department background check.