Forensic Crime Lab Technician

South Bend, IN
South Bend Police Department

This is a dual position as a Forensic Crime Lab Technician and Crime Scene Technician.



$40,000 – $48,000 per year


Open until filled


• All forms of latent fingerprint development and research of development techniques. Prepare and maintain chemicals for such development and research alternative chemical methods available.
• Collect DNA from evidence when required and properly preserve in laboratory freezers
• Perform preliminary examination on all other forms of evidence. Determine subsequent analysis or examination needed and collect additional evidence there from as needed.
• Compose chemicals for latent fingerprint development or other forensic applications. Maintain an inventory of chemicals needed.
• Utilize the digital imaging workstation including digital photography, scanner, and Adobe Photoshop to enhance, save on disk and print latent prints.
• Testify in State and Federal court to forensic analysis and chain of evidence custody as needed.
• Process evidence for outside agencies, such as: Metro Homicide Unit, ATF, Drug Investigation Unit, Mishawaka Police Department, St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department and Goshen Police Department, etc…
• Successfully complete appropriate training and/or testing in forensic identification analysis with the department and at alternate training sites.
• Assist the Firearms Identification Section with ATF request for 24 hour turnaround by completing processing of firearms within time frame and making them accessible to the SBPD Firearms Section.
• Process vehicles from crime scenes, including but not limited to, bullet trajectory/shooting incident reconstruction, photography, collection and preservation of latent print and DNA evidence and any other duties required by the Detective assigned to the case
• Assist in crime scene processing when required, including but not limited to collection and preservation of evidence, photography, documentation and any other duties assigned by the Crime Scene Technician assigned to.
• Perform Shooting Incident Reconstruction upon specific request.
• Transport evidence to the Indiana State Police Lab in Lowell, IN as needed.
• Remove and package biohazard evidence from evidence drying chambers and disinfect the chambers thereafter.
• Assist in performing routine maintenance of the Crime Lab and Crime Lab garage.
• Maintain inventory of laboratory supplies and order as needed. Research and evaluate additional equipment.
• Satisfactorily complete competency/proficiency testing.
• Ability to successfully utilize all items listed in Equipment with appropriate training.

Desired Skills:

Ability to work with chemicals, biological hazards, and forensic lab equipment.
Ability to maintain accurate and complete records.
Ability to multitask, use good judgement, and make independent decisions.
Ability to communicate clearly in English, both orally and in writing, with scientific and non-scientific personnel.


A Baccalaureate Degree with science courses; majors / minors in chemistry and biology preferred.
Ability to communicate clearly in English, both orally and in writing with scientific and non-scientific personnel.
Must possess a valid driver’s license and operate a motor vehicle.
Ability to travel by aircraft.
Ability to attend training at alternate locations for extended periods of time.
Successfully complete a polygraph examination, criminal history background and personal background with no criminal record.
Ability to lift 50 pounds.