Evidence Manager

Killeen, TX
Killeen Police Department

The Evidence Manager oversees and is responsible for the daily operations of the evidence unit and provides evidence control and lab processing results for departmental use in prosecutorial and internal investigations, as well as representing the department with evidence/processing lab matters for outside agencies.


$51,770.99 Annually


  • May be called upon to manage and operate a crime scene team at major crime scenes.
  • Functions as liaison between the Police Department and other agencies with regard to evidentiary matters.
  • Manages all evidence and processing matters involving other departments and attorneys.
  • Oversees daily evidence collection, marking, storage and record keeping, to include maintaining off site storage locations.
  • Oversees the complete evidence management system to include; disposal, transfer to other agencies, accountability, preparing and receiving from lab, moving and relocating evidence, and disposal of evidence.
  • Conducts daily and semi-annual inspections of  the evidence unit.
  • Oversees the Purge file in the computer and Property Disposition Records (PDR) cards, the maintenance of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fingerprint (ATF) files and the processing station.
  • Processes crime scenes with latent processing, using dusting powders and chemicals to process for latent prints, then photographs the latent prints.
  • Utilizes the A.F.I.X. tracker fingerprint computer and makes finger print identifications.
  • Prepares court testimony and testifies in various courts.
  • Must be able give expert advice to police personnel on latent prints, types of processing to be applied, processing crime scenes, and proper labs to be used.
  • Writes lesson plans and conducts training for department personnel.
  • Secures and transports evidence utilizing city vehicle.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, File Maker Pro programs;
2. Working knowledge of computers;
1. Ability to learn the applicable laws, ordinances, and department rules and regulations;
4. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing;
5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, peers, government officials and supervisors;
6. Ability to carry out assigned projects to their completion;
7. Ability to maintain confidential information;
8. Working knowledge of various camera and video equipment;
9. Working knowledge of fingerprint comparison programs;
10. Working knowledge of fingerprint developing chemicals;
11. Must be able to access NCIC/TCIC files.

1. Must pass a thorough background investigation and complete a polygraph examination.
2. Must have a valid driver's license by date of hire.
3. Must obtain and maintain a Texas Driver's License within 60 days of hire.



1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in law enforcement, forensic sciences, or related field; and
2. One (1) year of practical application in an evidence lab, or
3. Four (4) years of experience in evidence processing, crime scene processing, and latent processing and identification, can be substituted for a degree; or
4. Any equivalent combination of education and experience.
5. Completion of the Basic and Intermediate Identification schools is preferred.
6. Completion of the Advanced Latent Print School preferred.
7. Two (2) years of supervisory experience preferred