Evidence Custodian

Fairbanks, AK
Fairbanks Police Department

The position performs duties within the Evidence Section of the Fairbanks Police Department, reporting directly to the Chief of Police. This class does not involve direct law enforcement and is not a commissioned position. Mandatory Background Check for this Position is required. This position requires extensive organizational skills, with the strictest accountability maintained for all items of property and evidence.

$22.51 – $31.37 Hourly


  • Catalogs, completes data-entry information on, and stores items of property and evidence for later retrieval;
  • Processes, packages, and mails evidence to the State Crime Laboratory and other appropriate receiving agencies for further testing and examination, maintaining “chain-of-custody” procedures in the process.
  • Maintains numerous computerized databases to track property, evidence, digital media, and various department statistical information;
  • Coordinates and tracks City and Federal asset-forfeiture, to include proper disposal of assets and disbursement of funds/proceeds to the proper accounts and sharing agencies pursuant to current interagency agreements;
  • Coordinates communications closely with the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Agency, and private attorneys to provide requested reports, photos, copies of digital media, and other items of evidence as requested;
  • Actively disposes of retained property and evidence on a regular basis, pursuant to lawful Department procedures.
  • Arranges for the auction and sale/disposal of items which no longer need to be retained, and ensure of the proper distribution of proceeds;
  • Facilitate property room audits to ensure accountability and transparency of operations;
  • Give direction and information to the general public;
  • Maintain pleasant and effective public relations;
  • Receive training and participate in various types of report writing;


  • Persons applying for this position must have the following:

    Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent.

  • Experience which demonstrates reasoning skills and the ability to deal with the public as well as the performance of essential job functions for this class.
  • Must have the keyboard dexterity to operate a computer terminal and perform typing and data-entry for sustained periods, and possess the technical proficiency required to learn multiple computer programs and database applications.
  • Demonstrate a minimum typing speed of 45 wpm.
  • Possess and maintain a valid State of Alaska driver's license throughout the duration of employment.
  • Requires a comprehensive background investigation to include a local, state, and federal criminal history check.
  • Possess and maintain blood borne pathogens training on annual basis.
  • Requires pre-employment substance abuse testing and is subject to alcohol and controlled substance testing.