Entry Police Officer

Mount Vernon, WA
The City of Mount Vernon

$84,556.00 – $100,650.00 Annually

A uniformed peace officer performs work involving the protection of life and property, the enforcement of laws and ordinances, the maintenance of order, the investigation of crimes and the reduction of crimes. Peace officers provide services and education to the public and perform other related work as required. The work is performed in accordance with accepted, contemporary policing practices and departmental regulations.

Essential Functions
Duties involve responding to calls for service, patrolling in a directed manner, to deter and detect crime, investigating complaints, citing and/or arresting law violators, following up on pending reports and cases, and protecting persons and property. When not responding to priority calls for service or otherwise directed by a supervisor, the police officer is expected to use self-directed work time in an efficient manner by self-initiating work on neighborhood problems and seeking solutions consistent with the Department Mission. The qualified police officer may be required to temporarily assume the duties, activities, and tasks of a Sergeant, as necessary.


1. Patrols a designated are of the City in a police patrol vehicle and/or on foot to deter and discover crime; does on-the-scene investigations at crime scenes; aids persons in trouble; and renders appropriate public services as needed.

2. Patrols a designated area, observes hazardous conditions and makes recommendations for improvements to proper authorities.

3. Patrols a designated area in a patrol car or on a motorcycle to enforce traffic and parking ordinances and investigate traffic accidents; operates a radar unit to discover speed violations; routinely checks vehicle identification against current list of stolen vehicles and identification of violator drivers against list of outstanding warrants. Provides traffic control assistance as necessary.

4. Issues citations to violators of City Ordinances; serves warrants of arrest; arrests persons on misdemeanor and felony charges; handcuffs and searches arrested persons and secures their custody; completes necessary reports concerning the alleged crime, circumstances of arrest and available evidence and witnesses.

5. Responds to reports of possible crime and takes action, as situation requires, to secure the scene; interviews victims and witnesses; gathers evidence and arrests suspects; completes Incident and Arrest Reports; investigates persons suspected of being engaged in crime; ascertains and secures evidence pertaining to alleged crime; and arrests suspects for probable cause.

6. Reports to scene of automobile accidents; administers emergency first and summons aid cars and other patrol units for assistance in treating the injured and controlling the scene; interviews principals and witnesses; makes general drawings of accident scenes, notes details, and completes a standard Accident Report; issues citations or makes arrests as situation warrants.

7. Investigates and assists drivers in stalled vehicles, and pedestrians who appear to be hurt or in trouble; interviews persons with complaints or inquires, gives information on law and ordinances and attempts to resolve the problem or to direct them to proper authorities.

8. Investigates family disputes, reports of maltreatment of children, and complaints about mentally ill persons; may take principals into custody or turn them over or refer them to appropriate agencies such as juvenile and medical authorities; preserves the peace during conflicts between individuals and groups, and answers citizen complaints.