Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination

Detroit, MI
State of Michigan
Salary: $10.12-$31.48

The Michigan Civil Service Commission is Accepting Applications for the Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Salary: $809.60 – $2,518.40 biweekly

Job Type: Examination ONLY

Location: Multiple Vacancies and Locations Available – See Posting for Details, Michigan

Department: Examinations ONLY

This examination tests for the following classifications.

Conservation Officer 10

Motor Carrier Officer 9

State Police Trooper 10

State Properties Security Officer 7

As Conservation Officers, the employees are responsible for the enforcement of laws and rules protecting the public health and regulating the conservation and use of the natural resources of the state.  Conservation Officers are peace officers and are also empowered to enforce general criminal laws of the state and enforce the motor vehicle code, drug laws, criminal sexual misconduct laws, etc.

As Motor Carrier Officers, the employees inspect commercial and pupil transportation vehicles to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Division orders, rules and regulations; and enforce all laws pertaining to the operation of commercial vehicles.

As State Police Troopers, the employees function as police officers, responsible for the enforcement of all traffic and criminal laws of the state, the protection of life and property, and the provision of related services to the public.

As State Properties Security Officers, the employees provide armed security coverage for state properties in Ingham and Eaton counties.  The officers are uniformed civilian members of the Michigan State Police authorized to exercise arrest powers on state properties while on duty and in uniform.

Experience requirements:

  1. United States citizen; 
  2. At least 21 years-of-age at the time of hire; 
  3. High School Diploma or GED Certificate; 
  4. Valid driver's license, without restrictions (except corrective lenses); 
  5. Vision corrected to 20/20 with lenses; with adequate color and depth perception; 
  6. Normal hearing in both ears; 
  7. Absence of felony and/or misdemeanor convictions which would prohibit the applicant from receiving, possessing, and carrying a firearm; 
  8. Participate in a background investigation to measure suitability for law enforcement work; and 
  9. Pass a pre-employment drug test.


The three-hour examination evaluates the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to critical elements of law enforcement positions. This video examination consists of three test sections:

Section 1: Human Interaction,
Section 2: Reading Ability, and
Section 3: Incident Observation Report Writing. 

The Michigan Civil Service Commission does not endorse any study materials or courses.

Examination Scheduling

Applications must be received by the first work date of each month for processing for the next scheduled test date, in the next month.  

This free examination is administered only on weekdays (as needed) in Detroit, Ironwood, Lansing, Marquette, and Sault Saint Marie.  Two to three weeks before the examination date, applicants will receive an Examination Admission Notice, by email, with the date, time, and location for examination (check your spam/junk folders for michigan.gov email addresses).  Applicants unable to take the examination on the scheduled date and time may reschedule as described in the Examination Admission Notice, and before the scheduled test date.  

Current state employees should contact their Human Resources Office for the department’s policy on administrative leave to take Civil Service examinations.

The test re-take time period is six months from the last test date.