Deputy – Sheriff’s Office

Portales, NM
Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office

Under limited supervision, perform law enforcement operations in Roosevelt County.


$26,208.00 – $52,270.40 Annually




• Perform a wide range of patrol duties, as assigned, to enforce various laws and ordinances, and to protect the general public's constitutional rights, as provided for under County, State, and Federal law
• Work from designated shift assignment, to operate a patrol vehicle in a designated district of the County, with full responsibility for proper personal conduct and enhancement of the County's image, while carrying out the duties of law enforcement: being ever-mindful of the constitutional rights of the citizenry, both on and off duty
• Maintain radio contact in accordance with regulations
• Perform routine traffic control in areas not afforded normal police protection, which may involve the apprehension of persons apparently disobedient of traffic and driving laws and regulations
• Assist in the operation of checkpoints and roadblocks to apprehend escaped or wanted criminals, DWI's, unlicensed, or otherwise illegal vehicle operators, drug traffickers, etc.
• Investigate domestic difficulties, highway accidents, and other situations needing attention, when called upon
• Transport detained persons to or from court or Detention Centers
• Protect or escort witnesses or victims as assigned
• Provide escort service for parades, or in the movement of major vehicles or projects over highways where safe passage is required
• Coordinate and cooperate with other policing agencies, which may involve special conditions such as undercover personnel involving drugs and other related instances, and investigations involving homicide and other felonies
• Deliver Summons, other writs, and documents
• Appear as a witness in a court of law, if called upon
• Serve in the area of animal control, including but not limited to impounding animals, setting traps, and disposal
• Responsible for maintaining assigned vehicle according to established standards
• Prosecute minor misdemeanor offenses such as traffic violations


• Citizen or legal resident of the United States who has reached twenty-one (21) years of age
• High School Diploma or GED required
• Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver's License
• Have not been convicted of, pled guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo contender to any felony charge or, within the three-year period immediately preceding this application, to any violation of any federal or state law or local ordinance relating to:
o Aggravated assault, theft, driving while intoxicated, controlled substances or other crime involving moral turpitude; and
o Has not been released or discharged under dishonorable conditions from any of the armed forces of the United States
• Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, or a related field, preferred
• Previous law enforcement experience or reserve training preferred
• Bi-lingual preferred
• Veterans preferred