Lake City, FL
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

Under general supervision of a Corporal, or designee, performs general law enforcement work of average difficulty and responsibility in the preservation and protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, the maintenance of good public order, the enforcement of civil and criminal law, and other related duties as required by direction or assignment. All assignments involve responsibility for recognizing the social importance of the law enforcement function, and for conscientious and effective performance of duties without immediate supervision. Incumbent exercises judgment and individual initiative in the performance of routine duties and in emergency situations. Duties are generally performed on an assigned shift, but the deputy may be called upon to continue assigned duties or special work assignments on other shifts and/or at such times as directed to best fill the efficient and effective operations of the Sheriff’s Office. Duties may be required to be performed in uniformed or plain clothes. Work is reviewed through personal observation, inspections and by discussion and review of daily reports for adherence to prescribed methods and procedures.


$1346.15 Biweekly / $35,000 Per Year


Open until filled


• Patrols assigned areas of the County to preserve public order and tranquility,
and to prevent and/or discover the commission of crimes against person or
• Makes arrests and testifies in the prosecution of law violators; conducts
preliminary and/or detailed investigations of the commission of crime or law
• Protects the crime scene, gathers and preserves matters of evidence, takes
and records testimony; directs and coordinates activities on-site until
relieved by a superior officer; assists detectives in specialized investigations;
• Transports prisoners to jail, and prepares offense and case reports and
investigative information for evidence for court.
• Serves warrants, capias, court orders and other legal processes; locates and
arrests persons wanted on warrants or court orders;
• Enforces the traffic laws and arrests or issues summons to traffic law
violators; reports unsafe road conditions; directs the flow of traffic when

Desired Skills:

• Knowledge of the application of modern law enforcement principles and
• Knowledge of the importance of law enforcement work, the geography of
the County, its unincorporated areas and the general roadway system of the
• Knowledge of applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations
• Knowledge of first aid practices


• High school diploma or GED
• This position requires that the member be at least 21 years of age
• Certification of completion of Law Enforcement Officer training as required
by the State of Florida
• Meet requirements and standards of the Florida Criminal Justice Standards
and Training Commission as authorized by F.S.S. 943.13.
• Possession of a valid Florida driver's license at time of employment. Driving
history will be thoroughly reviewed and may be grounds for disqualification.
• No illegal drug sale within lifetime.
• No illegal drug use within the past 36 months.
• No felony convictions within lifetime
• Basic computer usage abilities
• No misdemeanor convictions involving perjury, false statement, or domestic
violence within lifetime.
• Prior military personnel must not have a dishonorable discharge from any
branch of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Coast Guard,
National Guard, or Reserve Forces.
• Successful completion of a criminal background investigation including
voice stress analysis, reference/employment/neighborhood checks, and
medical evaluation.