Deputy Sheriff – Metro

Belleville, IL
St Clair County Sheriff

Under direct supervision, performs routine patrol of all county areas, traffic control functions, preliminary investigations, and related activities for the detection, prevention, and suppression of criminal activity and enforcement of all applicable Federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.


1.Receives briefing at shift commencement regarding general orders and information passes through the chain of command as well as pertinent data regarding the previous shift’s activities: receives zone assignment(s); undergoes personal, vehicle, and weapons inspections.

2.Patrols as assigned area of the county by vehicle and on foot, serving as a visible deterrent to crime and remaining alert of possible criminal activity; checks business establishments, dwellings, and other buildings to ensure security of same and to detect signs of illegal entry.

3.Performs traffic control functions on county roads and highways through the regulation of traffic flow, operation of radar control equipment, and issuance of citations to violators of the Illinois Vehicle Code; notes and reports instances of vehicle abandonment on county rights-of-way.

4.Investigates traffic accidents; renders first aid as needed, summons ambulance and/or towing assistance, and safely clears accident scene; interviews participants and witnesses; completes state accident forms.

5.Investigates actions/circumstances of a suspicious nature and responds too radio dispatched calls of alleged criminal activity; performs or assists in the performance of preliminary investigations to include the securing and processing of a crime scenes, interviewing of principles, and notification of superior authority where the crime and/or circumstances require the presence of additional personal or investigative staff.

6.Apprehends suspects, serves warrants, and makes arrests; transports arrested persons to county jail facilities for booking and incarceration; personnel or investigative staff.

7.Investigates complaint calls of a noncriminal nature to include family disputes, reports of missing persons, civil disturbances, and nuisances; assesses case and takes appropriate course of action.

8.Transports inmate to and from medical appointments hospitals, and court appearances; transports mental patients to mental health facilities following procedures which ensure the physical; safety of both the patient and the Deputy escort.

9.Participants in stakeout, surveillance, and undercover investigations as assigned.

10.Assists in other areas of department operations as needed to include dispatching, booking, and civil process service.

11.Provides assistance to allied law enforcements agencies and local fire department personnel, as requested, in emergency situations.

12.Prepares and forwards appropriately requisite records, logs, and reports of activity, including necessary forms and documentation where applicable.

13.Provides relevant testimony both in court and at inquests as required.


Education: Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development. High school diploma.

Experience: Requires certification by the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department Merit Commission as being eligible for appointment.

Age Requirement: Applicant must be at least 21 years of age.

Requires certification by the Illinois Local Government Law Enforcement Officers Training Board within six months of initial employment.

Requires possessions of a valid Illinois Vehicle Operator’s License in the appropriate classification required by law.

Requires working knowledge of the geography of the jurisdiction, it’s traffic arteries, and socioeconomic characteristics.

Requires working knowledge of the care and use of firearms.

Requires elementary knowledge of pertinent Federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

Requires elementary knowledge of the functions and interrelationships of law enforcement jurisdiction.