Deputy Sheriff – Certified

Sioux Falls, SD
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office invites applications for a Deputy Sheriff position. We are one of the fastest growing counties in the country, and we would love to have you join us. This individual will provide law enforcement services to maintain law and order throughout Lincoln County. Responsibilities include investigating illegal or suspicious activities and completing and maintaining accurate records and reports.

$7,500 Hiring Bonus Available!

Examples of Duties Include

  • Conduct vehicular patrol within the county perimeters, respond to calls for service, investigate the scenes of accidents and make reports appropriately.
  • Perform security checks of the perimeter and checks of the buildings and grounds. Patrol assigned area to enforce laws, issue citations for traffic violations, investigate crimes, collect evidence, conduct interviews, and arrests violators. Investigate illegal or suspicious activities of persons, quell disturbances and arrest law violators. Coordinate investigations with other agencies.
  • Assume control at traffic accidents to maintain traffic flow, assist accident victims and investigate causes of accidents.
  • Conduct area security checks with business and residences within the county.
  • Load, unload, aim and fire approved department firearms and meet qualification standards.
  • Prepare and serve warrants, subpoenas, summonses, etc. Confirm warrants. Locate and take persons into custody on arrest warrants.
  • Monitor communication channels, monitor dispatch calls, provide notification of accidents and emergencies, supervise response to emergency situations.

Minimum Qualifications

Two years of college (Associate’s degree) or vocational school in criminal justice, or a closely related field; or two years of work experience as a certified law enforcement officer; or two years of active, full-time military experience; or four years of military reserve experience; or four years of relevant work experience. Comparable combination of education and experience may be considered. Must pass a physical examination and a pre-employment drug test. Must be age 21 at the time of hiring. Must be eligible for certification under the South Dakota Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Training Commission.
Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, business, social science, or a closely related field plus three years; work experience as a certified law enforcement officer; three years of active, full-time military experience; five years of military reserve experience; or five years of comparable combination of education and experience. Experience/Knowledge with processing and preservation of physical evidence such as fingerprints, firearm evidence, physiological fluids, shoe and tire impressions. Knowledge of technical equipment for copying and editing patrol car videos and/or outside surveillance and media.