Deputy Sheriff

Lillington, NC
Harnett County Sheriff's Office

An employee in this class independently performs a full range of law enforcement duties in the areas of community policing, traffic, investigation, and patrol. Work in this class also recognizes the role of crime prevention, courtroom security, school resource officer, serving civil papers, evidence management, and DARE Officer. Work includes patrolling assigned area of the County during a shift, detecting and investigating disturbances and crime; investigating traffic accidents, helping victims, and performing traffic control work; apprehending suspects; testifying in court; and, executing related assignments. Employee must exercise judgment, initiative, and calm control when performing duties. Work involves frequent public contact which requires tact, firmness, and decisiveness. Work is performed in accordance with departmental policy and State and federal law, supplemented by specific directions from superior officers. Work is often performed under stressful emergency conditions and frequently involves personal hazards. The employee is subject to hazards associated with law enforcement including working in both inside and outside environments, and exposure to various hazards such as various atmospheric conditions, noise, vibration, and physical conditions. Employee is subject to OSHA Standards on blood borne pathogens, and may be required to work in close quarters. Work is performed under the general direct supervision of a Sergeant or Corporal and is evaluated through observation, review of reports, and discussions concerning how particular incidents or activities were handled.


Annual Salary:
Deputy I: $40,774.00
Deputy II: $41,793.00
Deputy III: $42,838.00



Patrols assigned area of the county; inspects troublesome areas and checks security; answers complaint calls and assists in investigating crimes and disturbances; interviews witnesses; gathers evidence; interrogates suspects and makes arrest; prepares a variety of incident and activity reports; secures crime and fire and rescue scenes, controlling access to area and monitoring activity.
Serves legal papers, such as summons, warrants, commitment papers and special court orders; uses directories and other means to locate designated parties; briefly explains the meaning of papers and makes arrest when necessary.
Appears in court as a witness.
Cooperates with law enforcement officers of other governmental units in investigations and arrests.
Directs traffic and aids stranded motorists as needed.
Conducts campus seminars on crime prevention and campus safety.
Responds independently to calls for assistance, complaints, suspicious activity, domestic disputes, loud and disruptive behavior, and other needs; and, completes calls by determining true nature of the situation and taking what ever legal or persuasive action is warranted.
Investigates traffic accidents; issues traffic citations; directs traffic; and, participates in other emergency operation activities.
Performs investigations of accidents and possible crimes through observation, questioning witnesses and others in the community, and gathering physical evidence; and, arrests and processes criminal suspects.
Prepares records and reports on activities.

Educational requirements:

Completion of high school.

Desired Skills:

Possession of a valid North Carolina driver's license and completion of the minimum requirements established by the North Carolina Justice Training and Standards Council for certified law enforcement officers.
Possession of the appropriate certificates as required by the County.