Deputy: Road Patrol

Traverse City, MI
Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office - Road Patrol

$23.71 Hourly

Primary functions of the job are to enforce laws, respond to emergency calls, patrol highways, inspect for illegal behavior, and assist other law enforcement agencies. Employees work as part of a team and are responsible for ensuring that the team meets its objectives.

Employees must meet the minimum requirements, conditions of employment, and be able to perform successfully all essential duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodations.

PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES(may include but are not limited to the following)

  • Protects citizens, fellow officers and self from injury from violent encounters.  Patrols assigned area, enforcing traffic laws, preventing law violations, observing and inspecting persons and property for potential illegal or hazardous activity or conditions, and responding to complaints, situations, or requests from persons requiring assistance.
  • Responds to calls for service in an assigned area within the County, enforcing applicable laws and ordinances.
  • Issues citations and warnings to violators and apprehends, and arrests persons suspected of violating the law.
  • Assists stranded, distressed, or injured motorists.
  • Appears on the scene of accidents, disturbances, or unusual events to direct traffic flow, restrain spectators, collect and preserve evidence, and remove road hazards.
  • Observes traffic, persons, buildings, and surrounding areas to detect unusual conditions, suspicious persons and activities, and to identify situations requiring further investigation and action.
  • Operates a variety of items of equipment, such as radar speed measuring devices, weapons, breath testing equipment, computers, radios, cameras, tools, lighting equipment, fire extinguishers, jumper cables, and/or other applicable items.
  • Conducts investigations of alleged or suspected criminal activity in response to complaints received or information developed in the course of activities; interviews complainants, witnesses, suspects, and others who may have knowledge of a crime in order to obtain facts and information; observes and inspects crime scenes to evaluate the crime and collect and preserve physical evidence; makes initial determinations of investigative actions; searches persons, vehicles and properties to locate and collect evidence of crimes; marks, packages, and preserves evidence collected.
  • Effects lawful arrests of suspected criminals by taking them into physical custody, subduing or restraining, searching, explaining reason for arrest, advising them of their constitutional rights, and transporting them to the post or jail for further processing.

Typical Qualifications


  • Associate’s Degree in law enforcement, criminal justice, corrections, social sciences, public management or related field
  • Additional related experience may substitute for the college requirement if there is demonstrated knowledge, ability, and skills to perform the work

CERTIFICATIONS, LICENSES(minimum requirements)

  • Possess and maintain valid Michigan Driver’s License and must maintain eligibility to drive as per the County’s Vehicle policy.
  • Certified/Certifiable as a Police Officer in the State of Michigan – MCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards)
  • Specialized training as Medical First Responder Certificate is recommended.