Deputy I

York, SC
York County Sheriff’s Office

Closes On: March 31, 2023 at 05:00 PM EST

Details: Minimum starting pay for Deputy I is $21.63 an hour (estimated annual salary $45,000). Pay Grade 11 / Full Salary Range: $19.80 – $27.72 an hour. Additional incentives for qualified officers, a certified police officer in the state of South Carolina, and based on experience and education. This position is open with review of applications weekly.

We invite you to apply to join our team as a full-time Sheriff Deputy within the York County Sheriff’s Office that offers a career advancement program and overtime opportunities. Deputies are responsible for ensuring public safety and welfare through general patrol and law enforcement duties as well as the enforcement of South Carolina laws and County ordinances. They are also responsible for preparing and maintaining records and reports.

Once hired, new recruits will receive paid in house Sworn Officer Readiness Development training, then training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. The Academy, located in Columbia S.C. consists of training for 4 to 8 weeks and certification includes rigorous physical activity, defensive tactics, firearms, and operating vehicles in pursuit and precision driving conditions. Successful completion is mandatory and deputy candidates are paid their normal salary while attending. After successful completion of the police academy and the agency field training program, pay will increase 2.5%.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Respond to law enforcement calls for service made by the Public and other Law Enforcement agencies
  • Perform general law enforcement/ patrol duties such as: assisting the public, enforcing all local and state laws, and county ordinances, property checks of residential and commercial property, investigate suspicious persons, serves warrants, apprehends and arrest suspects, assist victims, collects evidence, and process minor crime scenes.
  • Prepare and maintain many different records and reports such as: incident reports, case folders, activity reports, ticket audits, forensic pre log reports, booking reports, statements, evidence reports, subpoenas, warrant request, intelligence reports, and other miscellaneous inter departmental forms.
  • Maintain all issued equipment and vehicles, ensuring proper and safe operation.
  • Testify in all court proceedings as needed. Prepare all cases for Magistrate and General Sessions level cases. Deputy I’s present and prosecute Magistrate level cases.
  • Operate and show proficiency while using a variety of equipment including but not limited to: patrol vehicle, data master, mobile data terminal, police radio, in car video, firearms, stop sticks, radar, tazer, oc spray, restraining devices, fingerprint kit, camera, and telephone. Must use due regard when using this equipment to ensure safety to officers and citizens.
  • Transport prisoners to and from court as well as other facilities. Transport jurors to and from court. Provides transport to patients from our jurisdiction to mental health facilities within our state.
  • Be readily available for any significant event, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Each Deputy I has mandatory on call days throughout the month, which will be utilized for shift shortages, employee emergencies, or incidents that would require the immediate administrative leave of an officer.
  • Serve and deliver warrants, summons, subpoenas and all other official papers.



  • Completion of high school/GED.


  • Must possess a valid certification as a South Carolina Law Enforcement Officer from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy or willing and able to obtain within one year of employment.
  • Valid state driver’s license is required in order to gain required certification thru the S.C. Law Enforcement Academy.