Deputy City Marshal (Entry-Level)

Las Vegas, NV
City of Las Vegas

Do you have the Desire to Protect and the Passion to Serve?

Over 100 officers strong, our Marshals are dedicated to serving the iconic city of Las Vegas. We are committed to a safe place for our residents, visitors and businesses. In short, we live by the city’s core purpose of “Building Community to Make Life Better.”

If you have this same dedication to community, consider joining our team. See our department video at

What do we do?

  • Marshals patrol the iconic Fremont Street where the history of Las Vegas gaming first started and where we invite the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve!
  • Our city parks are very important to family life in Las Vegas and stay busy all year. We have over 80 parks to patrol. Hiking and exploring our desert trails is a huge pass time in the valley. We have over 200 miles of walking trails in our jurisdiction.
  • Our Marshals patrol 70 city facilities, which includes 18 community centers located throughout the city.



Recruitment Process

We have a 2-step process that moves you forward to backgrounds. Step 1 is to submit a city of Las Vegas employment application and Step 2 is self-schedule and take the Law Enforcement test with National Testing Network.

The background process includes completion of the personal history statement, polygraph, and psychological suitability assessment. The physical agility test is typically schedule prior to the polygraph.

Out-of-State candidates can expect ONLY one trip to the area for the polygraph and physical agility testing. All other steps can be handled online.


Minimum Requirements

  • Experience. One year of work experience (does NOT have to be law enforcement).
  • Education. High school diploma or equivalent to graduation from high school date of application.
  • License. Appropriate valid driver’s license date of application and maintenance thereafter.
  • Age. Be at least 21 years of age at the time of job offer.
  • Citizenship. Be a United States citizen at time of job offer.

Special to this classification pursuant to NAC 289.110

  • Have no conviction of a felony in the state of Nevada, or any offense which would be considered a felony if committed in the state of Nevada.
  • Have no conviction of any crime for which you were required to register and/or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence including use or attempted use of physical force.
  • Have no conviction of unlawful use, sale, or possession of a control substance.

Department Hiring Standards

  • No convictions with the past 12 months, including DUI.
  • Drug use (including marijuana and steroids) may be disqualifying.
  • Two or more alcohol related incidents in the past 48 months is disqualifying.
  • Suspensions, revocations or cancelations of driver’s license within the last three years will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Separation from any branch of the United States Armed Forces under less than “honorable” conditions, or separation honorably from the Armed Forces for reasons of unsuitability or misconduct is disqualifying.
  • Any active warrant at the time of background interview is disqualifying.
  • Decertification from any law enforcement agency is disqualifying.
  • Termination for cause by another criminal justice agency is disqualifying.
  • Any misrepresentations, either intentionally or unintentionally, will be grounds for disqualification.