Customs and Border Protection Officer (Direct Hire)

Various Locations
US Customs and Border Protection
Salary: $33,394-$98,773 per year

Locations offered are based on operational and mission requirements, and critical agency hiring needs for entry level CBP Officers as determined by the CBP Office of Field Operations. The above preference locations are expected to have vacancies available at the time of final offer, however, if the duty locations do not have vacancies, you may be offered a duty location in another geographic location along the Southern Border of the United States

Closing Date: 12/31/18

Salary: $33,394 to $98,773 per year

CBP Officer Study Guide & Practice Questions


Firearm Proficiency: Firearm proficiency is required for all CBP Officers and is part of the training provided.

Probationary Period: You must serve a one-year probationary period during the first year of your initial permanent federal appointment to determine fitness for continued employment.

Formal Training: You will complete a paid pre-academy orientation for approximately 30 days at your home port prior to attending the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) for approximately 17 - 19 weeks at Glynco, GA. Candidates selected for duty locations where they are required to be proficient in reading, writing and speaking Spanish will be required to either pass a Spanish language proficiency examination or attend a 6-week long Spanish immersion class at FLETC.

Uniform: This position requires wearing an officially approved uniform while in a duty status.

Residency Requirement: To be considered for this position, an applicant must meet the residency requirement for three years before his or her application by:

Residing within the United States or its protectorate or territories; or
Working for the U.S. government as an overseas Federal or military employee; or
Being a dependent of a U.S. Federal or military employee serving overseas
Exceptions may be granted if you provide complete state-side coverage information regarding participation in "Study Abroad" programs, overseas church missions, or state-side addresses of anyone who worked or studied with you overseas. You must provide information and related documentation during the hiring process.

Driver's License: You must possess a valid driver's license.

Shift Work/Overtime: You must be willing and available to work rotating shifts. You may also be rotated between assignments and work units. You may be required to work overtime on a regular and recurring basis. Fully trained officers may be compensated up to $45,000 in overtime in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

You must meet job-related medical, fitness, background and drug-testing standards.