Criminal Deputy-Lateral (Sheriff)

Medford, OR
Jackson County Sheriffs Department

$27.33 – $38.37 Hourly

Definition: Under general supervision to serve as a sworn police officer to patrol highways and waterways of county, enforce laws, investigate crimes, and to perform related work as required.


  • Enforces criminal, traffic, marine, game, park laws in accordance with state law and county ordinances.
  • Responds to calls for service in accordance with department policies, assesses and controls situations, secures the scene, determines what additional resources are needed, and reestablishes normal functions.
  • Arrests individuals, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints. Subdues resisting suspects using maneuvers, chemical agents and weapons and resorts to the use of hands and feet and other approved weapons in self defense.
  • Operates law enforcement vehicles during both the day and night; in emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic and in unsafe road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, ice, and snow.
  • Provides traffic enforcement and control, motorist assistance, crowd control, and assistance to disabled persons. Conducts welfare checks, makes death notifications, and serves and enforces court orders and civil processes.
  • Performs searches of people, vehicles, buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve feeling and detecting objects, walking for long periods of time, detaining people and stopping suspicious vehicles and persons.
  • Exercises independent judgment in determining when there is reasonable suspicion to detain, when probable cause exists to search and arrest and when force may be used and to what degree.
  • Engages in law enforcement patrol functions that include such things as working rotating shifts, walking on foot patrol and physically checking doors and windows to ensure they are secure. Provides visible patrol presence allowing for public access and for crime detection and deterrence.
  • Pursues fleeing suspects and performs rescue operations which may involve quickly entering and exiting law enforcement patrol vehicles; lifting, carrying and dragging heavy objects; climbing over and pulling up oneself over obstacles; climbing through openings; jumping over obstacles, ditches and streams; crawling in confined areas; balancing on uneven surfaces and using body force to gain entrance through barriers.


  • Must be 21 years old, a United States citizen, and possess a valid Oregon driver’s license within 30 days after employment.
  • May not pose a “direct threat” to the health and safety of himself/herself or others.
  • Shall not have been convicted of a crime designated under the law where the conviction occurred as being punishable as a felony or as a crime for which a maximum term of imprisonment of more than one (1) year may be imposed.
  • Shall not have been convicted of violating any law of this state or any other jurisdiction involving the unlawful use, possession, delivery, or manufacture of a controlled substance, narcotic or dangerous drug.
  • Shall not have violated in this state ORS 162.065, 162.075, 162.085, 163.355, 163.365, 163.375, 163.385, 163.395, 163.405, 163.408, 163.411, 163.415, 163.425, 163.427, 163.435, 163.445, 163.465, 163.515, 163.525, 163.575, 163.670, 163.675 (1985 Replacement Part), 163.680, 163.684, 163.686, 167.007, 167.012, 167.017, 167.065, 167.070, 167.075 or 167.080 or have been convicted of violating the statutory counterpart of any of those offenses in any other jurisdiction.
  • Must pass an entry-level employment examination, in-depth background investigation (including credit check), complete physical examination and drug screen. May be required to pass a psychological evaluation.
  • Must be of good moral fitness as determined by a thorough background investigation.