Crime Scene Unit Tech

Odessa, TX
Odessa Police Department


Under close supervision, performs a wide variety of tasks associated with the collection, processing, tracking, handling, and safekeeping of crime scene evidence for the Odessa Police Department (OPD); performs duties in compliance with state laws and OPD policies.

Salary: $2614 Monthly


• Responds to crime scenes as directed, and assists OPD officers with investigations by processing the crime scene for evidence; collects and preserves crime scene and accident scene evidence to aid in the prosecution of criminals and crimes; performs work in compliance with state laws, City policies and OPD quality standards, duties may vary according to job assignment and training.
• Collects, preserves, logs and secures evidence as directed by officers and investigators; documents all handling of evidence and property; maintains activity logs and generates reports as needed.
• Assists with the identification of evidence at crime scenes, and mapping off the crime scene.
• Assists with documenting crime scenes by taking photos and video as directed by OPD Officers and other law enforcement agencies; responds to requests for photographs and videos.
• Receives property and evidence from law enforcement officers, documents receipt of items; maintains the chain of custody from intake to disposition.
• Collects fingerprint evidence and enters the information into Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).
• Creates case notes and narrative summaries; maintains logs of services, cases and information requests; requests additional information from OPD sources in order to supplement case notes.
• Assists and coordinates with other emergency services personnel, outside organizations and businesses and Federal, State and local law enforcement organizations.
• Maintains the absolute confidentiality of all records and information.
• Supports the departmental operations with regular and timely attendance.
• Supports the relationship between the City of Odessa and the general public by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with visitors and City staff; maintains confidentiality of work-related issues and City information; performs other duties as required or assigned.


Education, Training and Experience Guidelines: High School Diploma or GED Certification; AND one year of computer experience. Successful completion of a background investigation and polygraph is required.

Knowledge of:
• Rules for collecting, preserving, processing and securing physical evidence.
• Federal and State laws governing the entry, storage and transfer of evidence and property.
• State and Federal Laws; regulations and statutes governing management of property and evidence.
• Principles and practices of photographing and documenting crime scenes.
• Police radio, dispatch, and communication protocols and procedures.
• Principles of record keeping and confidential records management.
• Geography, roads and landmarks of City and surrounding areas.

Skill in:
• Packaging and organizing numerous items of evidence in an orderly fashion for storage and retrieval.
• Carefully collecting, processing and preserving crime scene evidence.
• Closely following verbal and written instructions.
• Operating a personal computer utilizing standard and specialized software.
• Communicating effectively verbally and in writing.

License and certification requirements: A valid Texas State Driver's License is required. Certification for access to Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) from Texas Department of Public Safety may be required; additional technical training and certifications may also be required for some incumbents.

Physical demands and working environment: Work is performed in a standard office environment, and indoors and outdoors at crime scenes; must maintain a level of physical fitness to meet Department standards. Subject to 24-hour call, seven days a week including Holidays, out to crime scenes to collect and process criminal evidencence.