Crime Scene Technician

Fayetteville, GA
Fayetteville Police Department

This position is responsible for the identification, documentation, collection, processing, and classification of evidence from crime scenes which will lead to the arrest and conviction of responsible parties. Work involves processing of crime scenes for evidence according to guidelines; securing storage and transporting of evidence and property to/from crime scenes and to/from court as needed; maintaining of the chain of custody of evidence to ensure integrity when introduced in court; and disposing of evidence and property as determined by department policy.


• Responds to crime scenes or situations under investigation where there may be considerable risk involved.
• Searches for, collects, photographs, and preserves evidence.
• Examines crime scenes for physical evidence, such as latent fingerprints, hair, fibers, blood, projectiles, shell casings, and tool and tire marks.
• Logs evidence into computer system.
• Documents crime scenes through the use of detailed notes, photographs, video recordings, and sketches in such a way that a detailed narrative/technical report can be completed.
• Develops, photographs, and lifts latent fingerprints found at crime scenes using the most appropriate technique and equipment.
• Identifies, photographs, and collects biological evidence found at crime scenes using the most appropriate technique and equipment.
• Researches and runs traces on firearms and criminal histories on subjects.
• Maintains control over physical evidence gathered; records and stores evidence in department; processes evidence for identification information; and transports evidence to state crime lab for further processing.
• Tests green leafy material by chemical means and by utilization of digital microscope for the purpose of reporting and testifying in court as to the presence of marijuana in questioned materials.
• Prepares a variety of records and reports including supplemental reports of investigations and statistical reports.
• Collects and transports for destruction prescription drugs to the Georgia Crime Information Laboratory.
• Completes and maintains a wide variety of department records and reports in compliance with departmental and legal policies and procedures.
• Communicates in person, by telephone, or by mail with other police and security agencies to gather information regarding cases.
• Maintains availability by radio, telephone, for consultation on major emergencies/incidents as assigned; and availability for on-call during non-working hours as assigned.
• Maintains assigned uniform, vehicle, and equipment in accordance with department policy and procedures.
• Responds to subpoenas; testifies in court regarding evidence collected at crime scenes, the condition of crime scenes, and the methodology employed in the collection and testing of evidence.
• Furnishes evidence to detectives for review.



Education and Experience:
• Requires High School diploma or recognized equivalent; and
• Two (2) years of related work experience; or
• Equivalent combination of education and experience.

Licenses or Certifications:
• Valid Georgia state driver’s license - Class C.
• Satisfactory Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
• Be eligible to obtain Georgia certification in Crime Scene Technology.

Special Requirements:
• At least age 21.
• Citizen of the United States.
• No conviction of a felony and no misdemeanor conviction (other than minor traffic violations) within the past five (5) years.
• No conviction of more than three (3) moving violations in the past three (3) years.
• Possess good moral character.