Crime Scene Technician

Florence, AZ
Pinal County Sheriff's Office

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Perform a variety of technical tasks in the documenting, collection, photographing, tracking, handling, safekeeping, and packaging of crime scene evidence for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) under basic supervision.



$39,411.00 – $44,337.50 Annually





• Identify, collect, and preserve crime scene and accident scene evidence to aid in criminal and civil prosecutions, document chain of custody, and maintain integrity of evidence according to PCSO Standard Operating Procedures.
• Document crime scene details using specific techniques, procedures, and specialized technical equipment, photograph and measure the crime scene, document location of all evidence and other important objects and details, and create computer generated diagram of crime scene from documentation collected at crime scene.
• Search out, identify, collect, preserve, log, examine, and secure evidence, document handling of evidence and property, assist with the identification of evidence at crime scenes, and photograph persons, crime scenes, secondary or additional scenes, and other areas/items related to investigations.
• Perform presumptive chemical tests to identify biological evidence and locate latent fingerprint evidence, document tool marks, footwear, and tire track impression evidence, and collect biological/personal characteristic evidence from individuals as directed.
• Collect, develop, and preserve latent fingerprints.
• Transfer and transport evidence from crime scenes, occasionally transfer and transport evidence to crime laboratories for testing, process firearms for latent fingerprints or swab collections as requested, download photographic documentation to computer database per policy, and submit photographs as evidence if provided by victim, or other than PCSO employee.
• Package evidence and accurately complete evidence control sheet(s), follow special processing and packaging procedures for all evidence including biological evidence, document evidence collected and maintain the chain of custody, enter data and download photographs into computer system, transport crime scene evidence, properly package the evidence, and submit to property and evidence control unit.
• Write detailed supplemental crime scene and photo log reports, maintain activity logs, develop case files, and prepare technical and statistical reports.
• Prepare technical documentation, including but not limited to scene diagrams and evidence for court.
• Testify in court.
• Assist and interact with other Sheriff's personnel and other law enforcement and multi-jurisdictional agencies.
• Maintain the integrity, professionalism, values, and goals of the Sheriff's Office by assuring that all rules and regulations are followed, and that accountability and public trust are preserved.
• Maintain absolute confidentiality of work-related issues, customer records, and restricted County information.

Desired Skills:

• Knowledge of Sheriff's Office policies, procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
• Knowledge of state and Federal laws, regulations and statutes, governing management of crime scenes.
• Knowledge of rules and standards for collecting, preserving, and securing various types of evidence at a crime scene.
• Knowledge of principles of crime scene management and the operation of specialized technical equipment to collect evidence and forensic details.
• Knowledge of principles and practices of photographing and technical documentation of crime scenes, and the operation of a variety of technical equipment and specialized software.
• Knowledge of Arizona criminal justice and court systems, procedures, and protocols.
• Knowledge of investigative procedures and protocols for observation of critical details.
• Knowledge of geography, roads, and landmarks of Pinal County.
• Knowledge of principles of accounting, record keeping, and technical records management.
• Skill in documenting crime scene details, collecting and preserving evidence, and recognizing ancillary evidence.
• Skill in packaging and organizing numerous items of evidence in an orderly fashion for storage and retrieval.
• Skill in scribing accurate crime scene notes, recording information observed at a scene, documenting, in written form, observations, scribing measurements and GPS locations to produce detailed supplemental reports and diagrams.
• Skill in collecting, processing, and preserving crime scene evidence.
• Skill in care, maintenance, and safe operation of crime scene tools and equipment.
• Skill in technical and crime scene photography and processing of digital media using specialized computer software
• Ability to follow directions and effectively communicate verbal and written instructions.
• Ability to work independently and as a team member with other law enforcement personnel with PCSO and multi-jurisdictional agencies.
• Ability to operate a personal computer and specialized software applications.
• Ability to write detailed supplemental reports and policies and procedures as requested.



Associate's degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, or a related field.
Two (2) years of related work experience, preferably in a law enforcement or criminal justice agency.
Must pass a thorough background investigation and polygraph examination.
Valid Arizona State Driver's License.
Or an equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience may substitute for the minimum requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

Additional technical training and certifications may be required by direction of the Sheriff.
Photography experience