Crime Scene Technician

Miramar, FL
Miramar Police Department

This entry level position reports to the Crime Scene Supervisor and conducts thorough crime scene investigations and properly maintains evidence collected

$44,829.21 – $66,358.41 Annually


  • Conducts thorough crime scene investigations, including searching for, locating, collecting, identifying, processing, documenting and preserving physical evidence.
  • Obtains casts or impressions of footprints, tire impressions and tool marks.
  • Photographs/diagrams crime scenes, evidence and victims as necessary.
  • Properly logs, stores, maintains and handles all evidence taken into custody.
  • Transports evidence to other agencies as required; checks property out for court sessions.
  • Disposes of evidence or lost/found property by returning to owner, destruction or auction, upon case clearance, in accordance with state and departmental rules and regulations.
  • Processes and maintains documents related to auctions and narcotic disposals, and assists with same.
  • Distributes latent reports, laboratory analysis reports, property receipts, etc., to appropriate personnel.
  • Attends depositions; provides court testimony as required.
  • Fingerprints the general public, applicants for City positions, candidates, etc.; prepares identification cards.
  • Prepares photo line-ups.
  • Processes prisoner fingerprint cards. Maintains photograph and latent files.



Requires a degree and/or certificate in crime scene and/or forensic. One year of practical experience in crime scene processing and analysis of evidence is preferred, but not mandatory. Must complete training in crime scene procedures as deemed necessary by the Department. Must possess a valid state driver's license.