Crime Scene Specialist

Austin, TX
Travis County Sheriff

Under general supervision, performs technical and scene processing support for countywide crime scenes by photographing and sketching physical evidence, processing evidence and marking/packaging physical evidence, such as finger/shoe prints and collection of biologicals to satisfy legal and scientific requirements. Prepares reports of findings, and testifies in a court at law about all work performed.

$45,346.50 – $56,683.12 Annually

1/29/2020 11:59 PM Central


Distinguishing Characteristics:
This is a job classification within the Public Safety/Emergency Management job family. The Crime Scene Specialist also possesses broader knowledge/skills about the Crime Lab operation to allow more independence in carrying out responsibilities. Work requires flexibility to work evenings, including weekends and holidays. This classification may require a flexible work schedule in order to meet the needs of the department.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Responds to crime scenes, identifies and documents evidence and collects and processes physical evidence. Photographs and sketches physical evidence at the scene of the crime. Transports and stores evidence. Communicates extensively with patrol and investigators to determine nature and extent of the crime scene. Interacts professionally with witnesses and suspects.
• Processes a large variety of different objects and surfaces for latent prints. Classifies, compares and maintains fingerprint records.
• Establishes and maintains chain of custody. Processes physical evidence. Logs, secures and maintains evidence and ensures its integrity is maintained. Delivers and retrieves physical evidence from forensic laboratories.
• Prepares reports of physical evidence in a concise written format that includes all observations and disposition of all physical evidence processed, collected and preserved.
• Provides expert testimony in County, State and Federal courts. Provides expert liaison and advisory assistance to other agencies and legal teams.
• Documents measurements at a scene when needed and prepares detailed sketches.
• Coordinates inventory of crime scene supplies.
• Serves on various committees, as required.
• Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:
High School diploma or G.E.D. AND two (2) years of experience in the crime scene field. Three (3) years of fingerprint experience may be substituted for one (1) year of crime scene experience;


Any combination of education and experience that has been achieved and is equivalent to the stated education and experience and required knowledge, skills, and abilities sufficient to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of this job.

Licenses, Registrations, Certifications, or Special Requirements:
Valid Texas Driver's License.

International Association for Identification (IAI) Certifications
Forensic Science experience
Education with focus in Forensic Science or core Sciences