Crime Scene Investigator

Midland, TX
Midland Police Department

Provides forensic services to the Police Department, including processing of crime scenes and evidence, making fingerprint comparisons, and acting as a liaison between other departments within the agency and outside agencies.

$43,734.00 Annually


• Responds to a variety of crime scene calls, including but not limited to: homicide, unattended death, suicide, fatality accidents, robbery, kidnapping, and burglary
• Must adhere to a rotating on call schedule in addition to regular office hours
• Documents, collects, processes, and stores evidence
• Photographs crime scenes
• Takes photographs of persons, injuries, property, and latent fingerprints
• Maintains chain of custody of evidence
• Writes reports and maintains correspondence relative to case work
• Maintains excellent record keeping
• Establishes identities by making fingerprint comparisons
• Fingerprints individuals
• Files and searches rolled fingerprint cards
• Testifies in court
• Operates Midland Police Department computer, record keeping programs, and AFIS terminal
• Mixes chemicals for lab and crime scene use
• Records measurements and draws diagrams as required
• Meets with investigating officers to discuss assigned cases
• Works efficiently under stress and uses good judgment in emergency situations
• Assists other employees in conducting assigned duties and responsibilities as necessary
• Provides training in crime scene search, preservation, and evidence collection


Required Qualifications
• Knowledge of Administrative Directives of both the City of Midland and the Police Department
• Knowledge of pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations; interprets and applies as necessary
• Knowledge of technical aspects of law enforcement including investigation, identification, records management, and care and custody of property
• Knowledge of geography of the city and the surrounding vicinity
• Knowledge of law enforcement and criminal justice system principles
• Skill in communicating clearly and concisely, both oral and written
• Skill to plan, organize, and manage time effectively
• Works independently in the absence of supervision
• Knowledge of basic report preparation
• Knowledge of safety procedures in relation to chemicals in use in the Crime Scene lab and communicable diseases
• Associate's degree or 65 college hours
• Must be a resident of Midland County at the time of employment
• Must possess a valid Texas Class 'C' driver's license
• No felony convictions, history of criminal or improper conduct, or poor driving record which may affect suitability for law enforcement work
• If prior military service, must have an honorable discharge
• Must be proficient in both spoken and written English

• Must obtain Certified Crime Scene Investigator status under the International Association for Identification certification program
• Must obtain AFIS certification to operate terminal independently
• Must meet or exceed job performance expectations and substantially meet all standards of performance under broad banding plan
• Must maintain necessary physical condition to carry out all essential job functions
• Must maintain a valid Texas Class 'C' driver's license