Crime Scene Investigator

Denton, TX
Denton Police Department

Responsible for independent crime scene investigation, which involves analyzing and interpreting crime scene information in order to coordinate successful investigative outcomes; collects, packages, transports, and documents physical evidence found at a crime scene.

$22.71 – $26.46 Hourly


• Acts a lead forensic investigator at crime scenes which means that the CSI may independently respond to crime scenes, conduct investigations, packages and preserves evidence
• Performs chemical analysis of evidence for the presence of latent fingerprints and other trace evidence
• Maintains online investigative databases such as AFIX; an automated fingerprint database
• Provides forensic training to sworn and public safety officers
• Prepares and submits latent fingerprints to AFIS for comparison and the possible identification of suspects
• Preserves, packages and transports physical evidence from the scene to the evidence room; from the evidence room to a lab for further analysis and to court for introduction at criminal trials
• Photographs and develops sketches and scale drawings of crime scenes
• Utilizes FARO 3D scanner and SCENE software to document crime scenes
• Uses the ACE-V methodology (Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, Verification) on latent fingerprints as well as 10-Print comparison.
• Recovers, unloads, and impounds firearms and other weapons. Ensures adherence to standard safety procedures, performs gunshot residue swabbing.
• Collects DNA evidence in various environmental conditions
• Retrieves/Edits video to ensure proper CODEC are installed for playback
• Forensic extractions and analysis of digital evidence
• Documents evidence through written reports and maintains computer files
• Effectively communicates the presence of evidence to investigators assigned to a criminal case
• Provides court testimony regarding the analysis and examination of physical evidence



Minimum Qualifications
• High School diploma or GED equivalent
• Two years additional training or education in crime scene assessment, forensic evidence collection, or criminal science.
• Seven to ten years of experience in a law enforcement position that required collection or testing of forensic evidence.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in forensic science, chemistry, or related field.
• Three years of experience in a law enforcement position that required collection or testing of forensic evidence.
• Any combination of related education, experience, certifications and licenses that will result in a candidate successfully performing the essential functions of the job