Crime Scene Evidence Technician

Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach Police Department

Under the direction of the Crime Scene Evidence manager, this position is responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence in criminal investigations and performing identification services to the public. It is also responsible for responding to crime scenes for processing of evidence related to crimes.

$23.81 – $38.12 Hourly

1/26/2020 11:59 PM Eastern


• Collects and preserves evidence in criminal investigations.
• Performs identification services to the public.
• Responds to major crime scenes; conducts searches for and processes latent fingerprint evidence; photographs crime scenes; makes diagrams and gathers other evidence relating to the crimes.
• Responsible for periodic disposal of properties through prescribed channels.
• Responsible for acquisition, receipt, control and distribution of evidence related material as well as abandoned and recovered property.
• Ensures that the chain of evidence is maintained and that all the rules of evidence are strictly adhered to.
• Maintains current knowledge of all legal changes that may have an effect on the responsibilities of crime scene procedure, evidence handling, and property control.
• Collects evidence, evaluates, logs, marks, stores, and enters evidence descriptions into the computer.
• Fingerprints civilians upon request, following appropriate procedures in keeping with Florida Statutes and federal guidelines.
• Takes appropriate photographs as directed, develops and prints photographs in both black and white and color using lab equipment provided by the Palm Beach Police Department.
• Classifies, searches, and files fingerprint cards.


Minimum and Preferred Qualifications
• Must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent, Associates Degree in Criminalistics/Forensic Science preferred.
• Requires 3 years experience, training, and certification in criminalistics, specifically crime scene investigation, photography, and fingerprint science.
• Must have experience with computers and software such as Word and Excel.
• Must possess a valid Florida Driver License or the ability to obtain same within 30 days of employment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge in all Palm Beach Police Department Standard Operating Procedures, and General Orders.
• Ability to observe situations analytically, competently, concisely, and objectively and record them clearly.
• Ability to learn and improve photographic skills, including, but not limited to, 35mm black and white and color, developing and processing and creating photographic prints, utilizing departmentally approved equipment.