Crime Data Analyst

Murfreesboro, TN
Murfreesboro Police Department

The purpose of this position is to research and analyze criminal information received within the Police Department relating to criminal activities and relationships.

$25.46 Hourly

7/30/2021 4:00 PM Central


Compiles crime, police activity, demographic, and related information from various records or existing databases within or external to the Police Department.
Prepares descriptive statistics of data; analyzes data using cross tabs, correlation, or other multivariate statistical techniques.
Uses GIS or similar mapping software to map crime incidence, police activity, and related data.
Compiles data to create patrol maps and crash maps; evaluates and interprets information; selects essential elements, correlates new information with existing information, identifies trends, patterns, and other relationships among data points.
Obtains feedback from Police Department personnel concerning preliminary findings and analysis.
Composes concise but comprehensive reports of findings, employing tables, charts, maps, and graphs to present data.
Analyzes telephone records; tabulates and categorizes call activity by caller/recipient, geography, and demographics; completes cross tabulation of data to show relationships and trends.
Develops and recommends standard Department metrics procedures and methods to support on-going crime data reporting and analysis; proposes standard operating procedures based on data.
Responds to ad hoc requests for reports and/or analysis to help police personnel identify, define, and solve specific problems.
Researches law enforcement crime data techniques, best practices, and new developments.
Confers with county crime data analysts.
Researches special projects for administration as needed.
Ability to do research methods and techniques; descriptive statistics; multivariate statistical methods; data mining; types of crimes and modus operandi associated with gang-related crime, drug-related crime, and white-collar crime; and requirements for intelligence file creation, retention, dissemination, and purging.
Develops and maintains liaison with the intelligence community at Federal, State, County, and Municipal levels to share information on criminal activities or suspected criminals under investigation.
Ability to perform occasional overtime work and be available to flex hours to report to work early and/or stay late, to include holidays and weekends.
Maintains confidentiality about information learned on the job and has the ability to deal with sensitive information.
Performs other work as assigned.


Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

Requires a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, criminology or closely related field.
Must have minimum of six (6) months experience with a military or law enforcement agency compiling data, analyzing findings and writing related reports or closely related.

Special Certifications and Licenses:

Must have a valid driver’s license.