Crime and Intelligence Analyst

Chattanooga, TN
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Works under general supervision to plan, carry out and coordinate crime analysis and intelligence activities with other local, state and federal agencies; and performs other related duties as assigned.

$39,098.00 Annually

10/31/2019 4:00 PM Eastern


Develops, recommends and implements policy concerning the organization, resources, roles and uses of the crime and intelligence analysis functions.

Participates as a team member in the work of the Sheriffs management team and understands and implements assigned duties and responsibilities. Supports team goals and objectives, working cooperatively with other team members, receiving and sharing information, solicitation input, identifying operational issues, and participating in the development of problem solving solutions.

Researches and analyzes crime statistics to identify patterns and series, forecast trends and recommend allocation of staff resources. Develops victim, criminal and crime profile analysis identifying potential criminal agents and targets. Responds to requests for analysis of specific and general crime activity for administrative, investigative, and patrol tactical level use. Prepares technical, statistical and analytical report. Coordinates crime analysis and research activities to address neighborhood and community issues. Collating and validating intelligence, evaluating the reliability of sources and credibility of information.


Must be a current POST certified law enforcement officer in good standing with either:
(1) an Associate's Degree or two (2) years of college education with concentration in area of criminal justice and/or data processing from an accredited college or university and two (2) years of full time POST certified law enforcement experience; or
(2) three (3) years of full time computer experience in the proficient use of spreadsheets and databases and two (2) years of full time POST certified law enforcement experience.
Must pass a physical agility test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, one mile, pull-ups and squat/thrusts to be administered by the department's training division.