Crime Analyst I

Detroit, MI
Detroit Police Department

$45,761.00 – $49,833.00 Annually

Job Summary
The major functions performed by a Crime Analyst include performing the more complex statistical tasks involved in the compilation and analysis of statistical data and the preparation and presentation of such data to be used in connection with or as the basis for reports. This position reports to the Commanding Officer of the police precinct or designee.

Examples of Duties
Essential Duties and Responsibilities (may perform other duties as assigned)

  • Checks and monitors systems and camera integration.
  • Maintains a real-time intelligence desk to facilitate the exchange of intelligence information to first responders and investigative personnel.
  • Manages the threat assessment and security intelligence gathering, documentation and analysis program.
  • Facilitates custom mapping requests including but not limited to border changes, gang boundaries, special event mapping, etc.
  • Serves as a departmental liaison with other law enforcement agencies on criminal intelligence matters.
  • Performs necessary research, criminal and intelligence data analysis to further assist the department in solving the occurrence and/or prevention of future crimes tracked by the intelligence unit.
  • Compiles and analyzes criminal and intelligence data according to location, time, special characteristics, and other distinguishing features to locate and identify patterns and trend of crimes, criminals, and criminal and terrorist organizations tracked by the intelligence unit.

Minimum Qualifications
Qualifications (required):

  • Bachelor’s degree in intelligence analysis, criminal justice, cyber security or other related field of study.
  • Crime Analyst I – One (1) year work experience in the application of investigative analysis, principles and practice, or other related field.