Crime Analyst I – Real Crime Center

Detroit, MI
Detroit Police Department
Salary: $45,913.00-$49,906.00 Annually

Under general supervision, researches and analyzes law enforcement data; performs statistical and clerical activities such as the maintenance of statistical charts and graphs and the tabulating and coordinating the results of statistical studies to assist operations and administrative personnel in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities.

Major functions performed by a Crime Analyst- Real Crime Center include performing the more complex statistical tasks involved in the compilation and analysis of statistical data and the preparation and presentation of such data to be used in connection with or as the basis for reports. The position reports to the Commanding Officer of the Crime Intelligence Unit or designee.

$45,913.00 – $49,906.00 Annually


Examples of Duties
1. Works with a variety of sources and transfers the information into a computerized form, manipulates and analyzes the data, and reports on the analysis to identify trends, patterns and prevent criminal activity.
2. Analyzes criminal intelligence information and prepares intelligence reports and bulletins.
3. Collects, analyzes and disseminates statistics and uses information gathered to assist in planning the deployment of resources for preventing and suppressing criminal activities, aiding in investigations, increasing apprehensions, clearing cases and analyzing information to identify similarities, patterns and trends among different offenses to assist in identifying suspects and predicting criminal activity.
4. Coordinates the exchange of interstate and intrastate information pertaining to criminal activity and criminal movement; prepares analytical reports of intelligence information; researches patterns, structures, tends and movements of criminal groups of individuals; develops recommendations for subsequent investigations; writes analysis and draws charts and maps to substantiate recommendations.
5. Develops and maintains databases relative to criminal activity that is easily accessed and audits and maintains crime analysis data.
6. Interprets and presents analysis to supervisors.
7. Collects criminal intelligence information from a variety of sources such as previous investigations, legal instruments, information storage and retrieval systems and social media.
8. Prepares weekly inspection documents


Minimum Qualifications
EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in intelligence analysis, criminal justice, cyber security or other related field of study.

EXPERIENCE: Three (3) years of experience in the application of investigative analysis, principles and practice, or other related field, or five (5) years of law enforcement experience focusing on investigation.

EQUIVALENCY: Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be substituted to meet the education and experience requirement of this position.