Crime Analyst

Detroit, MI
Detroit Police Department

The major functions performed by a Crime Analyst – Real Time Crime Center include performing the more complex statistical tasks involved in the compilation and analysis of statistical data and the preparation and presentation of such data to be used in connection with or as the basis for reports. This position reports to the Commanding Officer of the Crime Intelligence Unit or designee.


$46,832.00 – $50,905.00 Annually



• Works with a variety of sources and transfers the information into a computerized form, manipulates and analyzes the data, and reports on the analyses to identify trends, patterns and prevent criminal activity.
• Analyzes criminal intelligence information and prepares intelligence reports and bulletins.
• Collects, analyzes and disseminates statistics and uses information gathered to assist in planning the deployment of resources for preventing and suppressing criminal activities, aiding in investigations, increasing apprehensions, clearing cases and analyzing information to identify similarities, patterns and trends among different offenses to assist in identifying suspects and predicting criminal activity.
• Coordinates the exchange of interstate and intrastate information pertaining to criminal activity and criminal movement; prepares analytical reports of intelligence information; researches patterns, structures, trends, and movements of criminal groups or individuals; develops recommendations for subsequent investigation; writes analyses and draws charts and maps to substantiate recommendations.
• Develops and maintains databases relative to criminal activity that is easily accessed and audits and maintains crime analyses data.
• Interprets and presents analyses to superiors.
• Collects criminal intelligence information from a variety of sources such as: previous investigations, legal instruments, information storage and retrieval systems, and social media
• Researches, compiles, analyzes and interprets statistical data from department and outside agency reports as well as threat referrals to make appropriate and timely notifications.
• Disseminates intelligence information to assist in prevention and detection of criminal activity.
• Performs modern, quantitative frequency distribution; creates association matrices and links analyses.
• Attends meetings that involve police mission strategies and intelligence sharing of a sensitive nature.


Desired Skills:

Knowledge Of:
• Criminal justice process, from investigation and arrest, to court and incarceration.
• Criminal law.
• Computer-based statistical applications.
• ArcGIS Mapping.

Skill In:
• Conducting statistical studies and research projects.
• Performing statistical computations and analyses.
• Video observation.
• Oral and written communication.
• Keenness to detail.
• Operating a personal computer and common office software such as Word, Excel and Access.

Ability To:
• Read and comprehend police reports and data.
• Utilize web-based map services that provide detailed information about geographical regions and route planning.
• Objectively analyze and present statistical findings.
• Develop hypothetical links between criminals and crime groups.
• Develop clear and well-documented tables, charts, graphs and other forms of graphical representation.
• Demonstrate initiative in performing work and in planning and completing work.
• Interact effectively with departmental personnel and the public with tact and diplomacy.
• Work in a fast paced, highly intensive environment.
• Quickly adjust focus and multitask.
• Coordinate the efforts of a street investigation via radio communication focusing on officer safety.
• Continuously reevaluate efficiency of investigation.
• Develop deployment strategies for enforcement efforts.
• Recognize the value of all evidence and details of every incident.
• Present testimony in court.
• Gather facts for a criminal investigation.
• Keep thorough records.
Licenses, Certifications, and Other Special Requirements:
Crime Analyst II – Real Time Crime Center:
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Certificate preferred.
(CCIA) Certified Crime and Intelligence Analyst Certificate recognized by the California Department of Justice preferred.
FIAT (Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training) Certificate preferred.
May be required to periodically participate in continuing education opportunities in related professional development categories.

Applicants may be subject to background and criminal checks.

Valid government issued identification will be required at time of hire.

Physical Demands
The work is characterized as sedentary. Typically Crime Analysts sit comfortably to do their work, conditions include operation and monitoring 24 hours per day, even (7) days per week.



Qualifications (required):

  • Bachelor's degree in intelligence analysis, criminal justice, cyber security or other related field of study.
  • One (1) year work experience in the application of investigative analysis, principles and practices in video observation or other related field.