Crime Analyst

Green Bay, WI
Green Bay Police Department

$29.37 – $31.96 Hourly

The Green Bay Police Department is focused on the reduction of violent crime through a focus on community care and a strong partnership with community. The Crime Analyst is a key position to the successful development and focus of crime reduction strategies and community partnerships. Crime Analysts work directly with Detective Division investigators and patrol officers and are critical in assisting with data driven policing. This important and intriguing position will help to make a difference in the Green Bay community.

Examples of Duties

  • Reviews and manages daily calls and reports to identify patterns and trends.  Reviews daily police reports concerning targeted crimes.  Identifies criminal activity by offense, suspect, geographic location and other factors.
  • Extracts report data and codes data for entry.  Enters data, ensuring sufficient detail to permit collation and extrapolation of information.
  • Maintains databases for crimes, maps, charting or GIS to accurately portray current geographic locations and timeframes.
  • Follows up on information previously processed.
  • Prepares information in order to identify known criminal offenders.
  • Prepares information for distribution to department personnel and the public as appropriate.
  • Prepares information for the daily bulletin and public reports regarding criminal activity.  Assists in publishing the annual crime report.  Prepares and disseminates bulletins concerning targeted crimes.
  • Provides interpretive information or notes special concerns as needed or requested.
  • May conduct briefings concerning analysis results of assigned cases.  May make presentations on behalf of the department.  Prepares oral and written reports and disseminates to department personnel or other agencies.

Minimum Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Criminal Justice, or a related field.  Associate’s degree may be considered with appropriate knowledge.
  • 3-5 years related work experience, including experience in statistical analysis.