Correctional Officer II

Columbia, SC
South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

Salary: $31,561.00 – $58,393.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision of the Captain, the Juvenile Correctional Officer (JCO) position provides youth with a safe, secure environment that fosters healthy decision-making and is conducive to rehabilitation of at-risk youth. This position is assigned to specific posts to ensure orderly facility operations and the safety and well-being of all youth and staff. This position plays and essential role and the responsibilities directly impacts the youth and the ability of the agency to provide safe and secure rehabilitative opportunities for youth. This position’s purpose is to contribute positively to the youth’s overall rehabilitative process through positive youth development framework and a positive facility culture.

Essential Functions:

  • Engages with youth throughout the day to ensure the safety, security, rehabilitation, and well-being of youth. Ensures frequent and helpful communication with youth throughout the day.
  • Performs assigned post responsibilities surrounding youth care.
  • Initiates and maintains youth headcount and completes all required reporting and daily logs.
  • Physically respond appropriately to emergency situations.
  • Conducts routine and unannounced security inspections per agency policy. Conducts routine and unannounced frisk searches of the youth after all youth movement.
  • Ensures that each youth has their basic needs met.
  • Remains knowledgeable and informed of the security status of all youth assigned.
  • Serves on all facility posts including specialized units and in various locations.
  • Counsels youth to prevent incidents.
  • Redirects youth for inappropriate behavior.
  • Provides constant and consistent enforcement of the behavior management system.
  • Recognizes and responds to both minimal disruptions and emergency situations according to agency policy by deploying both verbal and physical de-escalation strategies.
  • Conveys observations and interactions with education, social work, mental health and medical staff.
  • Serves as a member of the local unit team meetings.
  • Transports youth as needed and supervises youth movement to ensure that all youth are provided required treatment and educational, recreational, vocational, visitation and other activities.
  • Ensures youth receive proper medical attention as needed and required by agency policy and procedures.
  • Submits work order requests to supervisors.
  • Ensures a clean environment.
  • Complies with agency policy and procedure to complete required reports concerning youth and/or employee related incidents and any matters pertaining to the safety, security, and operation of the facility.
  • Performs other duties and tasks as assigned by a supervisor to further support the agency’s mission and values.


  • A high school diploma and experience in correctional, security or police work.
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License. Must attend, pass and maintain all required DJJ training courses.
  • Must be an officer in compliance with and certified under CLEE (Continuing Law Enforcement Education) within six (6) months of employment.
  • Must have an 80% rate on competency/proficiency exam and possess supervisor and teaching skills.
  • This position operates under the general supervision of a direct supervisor.
  • The supervisor reviews work on a daily and monthly basis and perform annual performance evaluations.
  • Works independently on a limited basis.
  • Position is not sedentary; employees must be mobile and able to bend and lift, interact, and intervene with youth when applicable.
  • Must be able to respond physically to emergency situations including physically intervening and/or restraining youth according to agency policy.
  • Required to work shift hours (day, evening, night, weekend, &/or holidays) and be subject to mandatory overtime stay as needed by the facility.
  • Training applicable to these duties will be provided and will consist of physically and successfully completing the agency’s selected Behavioral Management training which includes the Primary Restraint and Take Down techniques and on-the-job functions but not limited to: Handcuffing (hands extended behind back), prone positions (flat on stomach and/or back), Kicks and Strike Motions, Joint Manipulations, bending at the waist and torque motions. Lifting hands above the head, repeated breathing (inhaling/exhaling) techniques for CPR/First Aid/AED. Kneel on knees (together and individually) unsupported.
  • Must be able to work in extreme heat/cold/ humidity/inclement weather; safely operate a motor vehicle to include having a valid state issued driver’s license. Walk and/or stand for extended periods of time, sit in a desk chair for up to eight hours per day at least 5-7 days per week, visually distinguish subjects at distances of up to 75 yards, wear protective equipment in case of emergencies.
  • Must attend training and maintain certification required by the Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE).