Correctional Officer/Dispatcher

Mora, MN
Kanabec County

Salary: $22.68 per hour.

Open until filled

Position Summary:

The Correctional Officer/Dispatcher is responsible for the communication between the public and the law enforcement officers, ambulances and fire departments. Provide courtroom security for Judge, court personnel, jury and all participants. Supervise inmates in accordance with established policies, regulations and procedures, observe conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes. This position is essential as required by the MN Department of Corrections. Duties are interchangeable depending on department needs and requirements. Assigned tasks may vary from day to day.

Essential Functions:


  • Operate computer, telephones, radio, doors, visitation system, and intercoms simultaneously.
  • Must maintain CJIS, BCA, and CPR certification.
  • Must maintain ProQA medical dispatch requirements and certifications.
  • Maintains overall jail security, including key control.
  • Answer emergent and non-emergent phone calls; and respond to duress alarms.
  • Dispatch appropriate units to calls, including law enforcement, fire, and EMS.
  • Accurately create and complete ICRs for report based calls.
  • Provide pertinent pre-arrival information to all units.
  • Receive findings from units on scene to determine need for additional resources.
  • Dispatch additional resources via radio, phone, pagers, and teletype.
  • Maintain LE and medical safety by performing timely status checks.
  • Maintain RMS with accuracy and completeness.
  • Prioritize calls.
  • Direct and assist public.
  • Monitor and control security interlocks and cameras building-wide and specific areas of the courthouse.
  • Maintain and monitor communication with Jail staff including phone, radio, and intercom calls.
  • Oversee persons entering and exiting the jail/jail lobby.
  • Dispatch EMS services for their calls of service.
  • Maintain computer log of all non-ICR information received.
  • Enter, validate, and maintain restraining order and warrant files.
  • Search Statewide Supervision site for criminal history and active supervision.
  • Run Criminal Histories.
  • Provide information/communication/data to Law Enforcement and other Law Enforcement personnel/agencies.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the Dispatch Center.
  • Daily pager tests.

Correctional Officer:

  • Must maintain Tazer and Use of Force certification.
  • Must maintain CJIS, BCA, PREA, and CPR certification.
  • Supervise, control, escort inmates, visitors, staff and vendors. Ensuring all movement including transports is authorized.
  • Process person received including photos, fingerprints, searches, property storage, and booking information. Qualifies charges, perform initial medical assessment, collect medical information and personal history of inmates.
  • Conduct random well-being observation checks at least once every 30 minutes & more frequently for special watch inmates; counting and recording prisoners in & out of facility.
  • Process, coordinate, and disseminate all needs including but not limited to; medical issues, courts, programs, visitation, food, clothing, inmate requests and shelters.
  • Supervise and direct inmates; enforcing rules, observe behaviors, and classify inmates based on behavior. Maintain and update records on inmates, including logs, incident, grievances, profile information and forms.
  • Administer medication; including self-administered diabetic checks (Blood sugar and Insulin), other medical issues and treatment of inmates according to physician orders or dietary restrictions. Provide security for medical staff.
  • Assist mental health staff in setting up visits with mental health staff, monitoring inmates on mental health watches. Ensures inmates are available for court appearances
  • Provide court security by supervising inmates in court.
  • Control all access to the jail and maintains jail keys.
  • Prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility and prevents escape of inmates.