Community College Police Officer

San Diego, CA
San Diego Community College District


Trainee – Range 31, ($3,516.89 – $4,820.82) per month based on the current Police Officers Association (POA) Salary Schedule. Upon Successful completion of the Academy, Trainees are promoted to College Police Officer Range 33, ($5,602.16 – $7,679.18) per month based on the current Police Officers Association POA Salary Schedule.

During the four month-long Field Training Program, and under the direction of an assigned Field Training
Officer, duties may include:
• Provide protection, crime prevention, criminal arrests and police services to persons and property on campus grounds, facilities, parking lots, adjacent areas and off-site locations by patrolling by vehicle or foot.
• Perform crime prevention services for life and property; observe and report safety/fire/health hazards and make appropriate recommendations to reduce or eliminate unsafe conditions or the exposure of life and property to criminal acts.
• Arrest adult and juvenile criminal suspects, conduct field interviews and detentions; prepare detailed reports of crimes and arrests, prepare cases for prosecution and testify in court.
• Provide parking and traffic enforcement, investigate traffic accidents, respond to alarm calls and impound vehicles when appropriate.
• Provide money escorts/collections as necessary for District and college offices, events and parking meters.
• Provide emergency and routine medical assistance/first aid as required.
• Proactively initiate crime suppression activities by ensuring the sustained investigation of criminal acts and
arrests of criminal suspects.
• Provide public relation services to faculty, staff,

Desired Qualifications
-Good oral and written communications skills;
-Safe operation of a moving vehicle;
-Effective reading and writing communications;
-Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others;
-Understand and follow oral and written directions;
-Write clear and concise reports of factual occurrences.