Certified Class 1 School Resource Officer

Mullins, SC
Mullins Police Department

Salary $43,465 (Non-Cert SRO to $44,463 Certified SRO
Deadline July 31, 2023 11:59 PM Eastern

Under general supervision, provides security on school campus and at off-campus events for the protection of school students, faculty and personnel. Plans and provides crime prevention instruction and education. Performs general police duties to ensure the proper enforcement of laws, ordinances and regulations relating to public safety and welfare as set forth by the State of South Carolina and the City of Mullins. Reports to the Police Chief.


  • Primary location of daily police duties and activities is within school facilities, providing security and police presence for safety and general welfare of local public schools.
  • On a daily basis, interacts with student, teachers, school administrators and general public throughout school year, serving as liaison between schools and the City Police Department.
  • Provides security and police presence at after hour school events and special events.
  • Conduct investigations, detain/arrest subjects, responds to traffic accidents (on and around campus).
  • Provides security on school campus and at off-campus events for the protection of school students, faculty and personnel.
  • Documents all criminal activity and violations of school policy encountered.
  • Advises students, faculty and personnel of applicable criminal laws and procedures.
  • Assists in planning and conducting crime prevention education and instruction; provides counseling and advice to school personnel on handling students’ criminal mischief.
  • Coordinates special projects as assigned, including crisis plan development.
  • Assumes control of high-risk and/or emergency situations until relieved by supervising officer.
  • Participates in law enforcement duties as necessary, including but not limited to checking properties for security; responding to calls for assistance, responding to alarms, apprehending and arresting violators, securing crime scenes, collecting evidence, maintaining law and order, interviewing victims/suspects/witnesses, transporting prisoners, participating in investigations, etc.

Requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent supplemented by two to three years of experience in law enforcement, or any equivalent combination of education and experience, which provides the required skills, knowledge, and experience. Must currently possess Class 1 LEO certification through SCCJA, must possess SRO certification or be able to obtain within 1 year of assignment, CPR certification; may require additional certification(s); must possess a valid state driver’s license.