Campus Police Officer Recruit

Wayne, NJ
William Paterson University of New Jersey

Position Summary:

William Paterson University seeks applications for candidates for the title of Campus Police Officer Recruit, Department of Public Safety.

Providing a safe and secure community is the highest priority of the personnel who serve as members of the University Police Department. Staffed by Police, Security Officers, Student Patrol, and other support personnel, the University Police Department provides a variety of services and employs measures intended to enhance the safety of the University community. Members of the Department are committed to working together with faculty, students, and staff to maintain the quality of life and high degree of security and safety enjoyed at William Paterson.

Essential Functions:

  • Learn to take necessary measures to safeguard the lives and property of all members of the college/university community and visitors to the campus.
  • Learn to investigate criminal, civil, and other complaints (including motor vehicle violations) committed by or against the university community and observe established regulations and policies in such work.
  • Learn to coordinate initial efforts with public agencies and incident/crime scenes.
  • Learn to enforce traffic and parking regulations on campus and cooperate with and assist municipal, county, and State Police in traffic control as required.
  • Assist security officers in their investigations, and review their reports, providing advice and assistance as necessary.
  • Works special events or details (e.g. concerts, demonstrations, strikes) to detect problems or illegal activities.
  • Take needed action regarding suspicious persons and conditions.
  • Report significant actions, occurrences, and conditions.
  • May assist in transporting persons needing assistance during emergencies and/or official business.
  • Learn to conduct preliminary investigations of crime and forward results to appropriate units.
  • Learn to develop skills in executing official documents (e.g. warrants, subpoenas) as directed when necessary.
  • Learn to coordinate actions of officer(s) arriving to assist in large-scale searches until a supervisor arrives on the scene.
  • Learn how to legally conduct searches of persons, premises, automobiles, or property with probable cause.
  • Learn to communicate to the dispatcher/control center all crimes/disturbances in progress utilizing the radio in a patrol vehicle or handheld radio.
  • Learn to record the arrest of an individual (e.g. complete forms, fingerprints, and photograph) to document the arrest.
  • Learn to provide police protection when large sums of money are in transit.
  • Under direction, may escort and transport an individual to detention centers.
  • Learn to conduct investigations of complaints involving misconduct, suspicious behavior, illegal activities, improper conditions, and other matters within the field of police operations.
  • Learn to direct traffic, place emergency signaling devices (flares, cones), or take other necessary action to ensure a safe and orderly traffic flow when confronted with unusual traffic conditions (e.g. accidents, stoplight failures, significant events).
  • Gather information from accident parties and witnesses to determine the facts of the accident and complete an accident report.
  • When necessary warns, or takes into custody violators of the law.
  • Learn to guard prisoners during arrests/processing and/or while receiving medical services.
  • When assigned to Campus Police Headquarters, receives complaints, takes proper action by notifying Campus Police Officers and/or Security Officers by radio or other means, and helps maintain accurate records.
  • Summarizes in writing the statements of witnesses and complainants and forwards reports to investigators when further investigation is necessary.
  • Maintain essential Campus Police records and files.
  • Under the direction of our Campus Police Sergeant and/or Lieutenants in the Campus Police Department, provides assistance and protection to persons and property in and about our University, maintains orderly conditions, and takes the measures required to ensure observance of the law; does related work as required.


  • Must complete a Basic Course for Police Officers (BCPO) PTC Certification from a New Jersey Academy within twelve (12) months of the hiring date.
  • Must possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license.
  • Graduation from high school/vocational school or possess an approved high school equivalency certificate.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and a US citizen.
  • Candidates selected for the position will be subject to background verification.
  • There may be assignments to one (1) of three (3) shifts, including weekends, evenings, overnights, and holidays.
  • Candidate must pass a psychological exam and a medical exam to determine fitness to perform the duties of Campus Police Officer Recruit.
  • Candidate must pass the Police Academy Pre-Assessment before beginning a police academy class.
  • Must possess strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills and the ability and desire to work with a diverse population.