Campus Police Officer-Pool

Portland, OR
Portland State University

Portland State University Campus Police Officers are responsible for maintaining peace and public safety through enforcement of laws, performing traffic control, and providing emergency services on the Portland State University campus, to include the adjacent community. Campus Police Officer must at all times support the Portland State University mission, provide essential law enforcement functions, and respect the right and dignity of all individuals. Campus Police Officers must interact effectively with the campus and surrounding community (student, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors, and members of the public), demonstrating trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, communication, justice, fairness, caring, civic virtue, impartiality, and citizenship, while maintaining integrity, ethical values, pride, and professionalism.


-Be a role model for all PSU core competencies required of all PSU members, including providing excellent customer service.

-Attend all mandatory meetings, training, and to keep all required certifications, proficiencies, and immunizations current at all times.

-Exercise the authorities and jurisdiction, per the applicable ORS, in accordance with all other applicable laws, and always within the limits of University policy and at the discretion of management.

-Follow all appropriate safety guidelines when performing all duties.

-Be knowledgeable of and accountable for all applicable departmental policies and directives related to their job duties.

-Perform additional and/or modified duties as assigned by a supervisor.

-Successfully complete any proficiency evaluations (written, verbal, or practical), which may be required to demonstrate the minimum accepted competency for this position, and to satisfy the requirements of OSHA and other regulatory or accreditation agencies and Portland State University (PSU) requirements.

-Maintain any and all qualifications required by PSU and the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).

-Complete all reports and paperwork as required and/or as requested by Director/Chief of Public Safety or Campus Public Safety management, as required to support proper Public Safety services.

-Exceptional ability to conduct effective and sensitive interviews from witnesses, suspects and all relevant parties with a high level of professionalism and excellent interpersonal communication skills.

-Maintain a personal notebook of all on-duty activities consistent with law enforcement best practices.

The Campus Police Officer is subject to recall at any time to assist in any emergency that may be critical to the full-time operation of the university, response to a hazard or emergency, or in relief of other PSU Public Safety staff.


Minimum Qualifications from Classification
Additional Minimum Qualifications for this Position
Meet DPSST Minimum Qualifications to be eligible for Certification as Basic Police within on year of employment (requirements are subject to change at the discretion of DPSST):
US Citizenship within 18 months of employment
21 years of age
Valid driver’s license from state of residence
No violation of any law subject to denial as identified in OAR 259-008-0070
High School Diploma/GED
Abilities to pass law enforcement proficiency exam
Abilities to pass Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT) within 5:30 or less
Meet minimum medical requirements as identified in OAR 259-008-0010

Successful completion of the Field Training and Evaluation Program within program guidelines, to include:

Strong interpersonal communication skills for dealing professionally and courteously with all customers and fellow staff members, regardless of the situation.

Cultural competency and ability to accept and relate to other cultures, histories and traditions. Includes the ability to interact effectively with people of diverse cultures/ethnic backgrounds. Cultural competence includes the awareness of one’s own cultural worldview, attitude towards cultural differences, knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews, and cross-cultural skills. Must have the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures.

Ability to exercise independent judgment and make quick, sound decisions.

Ability to develop a sound understanding of Oregon Revised Statutes and Federal Law.

Ability to learn and follow PSU Administrative Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

Ability to learn and follow The Department of Public Safety Policies and Procedures.

Ability to prioritize multiple tasks within specific time and resource constraints.

Ability to recognize critical security, safety, and maintenance items and report them immediately.

Ability to relay detailed information calmly, quickly, accurately, and efficiently at all times.

Ability to give and follow direction.

Basic computer Microsoft knowledge

Good written communication skills and ability to write detailed, accurate incident reports.

Preferred Qualifications
Four year academic degree or higher from accredited institution

4 years of experience in a similar role, such as police officer or military police, or a combination of both.

Current law enforcement employment in another state, subject to DPSST reciprocity

Certified bilingual proficiency in one of the following languages: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, sign language or any additional
language as determined by the sole discretion of the University.