Cadet State Trooper

AZ Statewide
Arizona Highway Patrol Division

This recruitment will be used to establish an eligibility list for current and future Cadet State Trooper vacancies. Cadet State Troopers participate in Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZ P.O.S.T.) Basic Training Curriculum and other training designated by the Department of Public Safety to learn general duty police work. Performs related duties as assigned. Upon successful completion of training and certification as a peace officer by AZ P.O.S.T., the incumbent is reclassified to State Trooper. This is a competitive classification.

As a reminder, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) places Troopers in various locations throughout the State, depending upon the needs of the Department. You must be willing to accept an assignment anywhere in the State if you are offered a position as a State Trooper. Duty assignments will not be made until after successful completion of training and certification as a peace officer by AZ P.O.S.T.

$44,301.92 – $50,685.86 Annually

5/19/2021 11:59 PM Arizona


1. Learns patrol, investigation, traffic control and safety, police methods, first aid, and community and police relations.
2. Learns federal, state, and local traffic and criminal laws.
3. Learns Department policies and procedures.
4. Learns to prepare clear, concise, and grammatically correct reports.
5. Participates in a physical fitness program to develop the physical skills necessary for the job.
6. Learns proper work habits, appearance, and interpersonal skills.


Must be a U.S. citizen and a high school graduate or have a GED. Must be at least 21 years of age at the completion of AZ P.O.S.T. BASIC TRAINING CURRICULUM. By the starting date, must be a resident of the state of Arizona and possess a valid Arizona driver license.