Police Officer Requirements - Maine



Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s (MCJA)  

The Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training Program


Phase I:  Students must meet the age and education requirements to apply for this course (see application). Students must complete the 40-Hour On-line Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training Program.  Students must complete the MCJA application for the MCJA LEPS Phase I and send it along with the $250 fee, cash or check made payable to Treasurer, State of Maine to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy at 15 Oak Grove Road, Vassalboro, Maine 04989.  Students will be given a Log-In and Password to complete the training. 

            This training must be completed before attending Phase II and there is no time limit to complete the Phase I of the training, however at the completion of the Phase I training the student will need to contact MCJA and take a final exam in Vassalboro.  From the Phase I completion date, the student will have two years to start Phase II. 


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Phase II:  Students must complete the 80-Hour Interactive, Scenario Based Classroom Program.  Prior to the start of Phase II, students must complete the MCJA application for the MCJA LEPS Phase II.  All students must meet the prerequisites listed below and send to the Academy all the required paperwork described below.


Phase III:  After being hired by a Law Enforcement Agency as a Law Enforcement Officer, a provisional certificate will be issued upon receipt of a MCJA Notice of Employment and a MCJA Firearms Proficiency Form signed by a Certified MCJA Firearms Instructor.  The employing agency must provide 80-hours of documented supervision before a regular certification as a Law Enforcement Officer is granted by the Criminal Justice Academy.  The Chief Law Enforcement Officer will have to sign off on a notarized MCJA Form stating the officer has completed the 80 hours of supervision to his or her satisfaction.  The part-time law enforcement officer will have one year to complete the 80 hours of supervision.  An officer may receive an extension by the MCJA Board in extenuating circumstances.



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