Fresno Police Department Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)


One effective way to make a positive contribution to the community is to volunteer through the VIPS program of the local police.  As a law enforcement volunteer, you will gain a fulfilling experience in making your community a safer place by responding to crimes and other emergencies. Moreover, volunteering allows you to receive adequate training and supervision to effectively promote public safety and crime prevention initiatives.


The Fresno Police Department places a strong value to community partnerships by offering variety of volunteer opportunities. Each volunteer program has its own membership and training requirements, different areas of responsibility and respective coordinators. With its commitment to high quality programs, the department has been recognized in 2012 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) as an Outstanding Law Enforcement Volunteer Program.


Here are the volunteer programs available:

                     Reserve Officers

                     Citizens on Patrol (COP)

                     Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)


                     Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

                     Citizens Police Academy

                     Neighborhood Watch


For the VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service) Program, below are the positions that may be available.

1.                            Training Center Volunteer – 2 categories:

(a) Utility Worker/Logistical Site Support (b) Office/Administration

2.                            Financial Crimes Unit Volunteer

3.                            Grants Management Unit Volunteer

4.                            Fiscal Affairs Bureau Volunteer

5.                            Fresno Police Chapliancy Position

6.                            Family Justice Bureau Volunteer

7.                            Records Bureau Volunteer

8.                            Information Services Bureau Volunteer

9.                            Northeast Policing District Volunteer

10.                         Northwest Policing District Volunteer

11.                         Video Policing Unit Volunteer

12.                         Mayor’s Gang Prevention Initiative (MGPI) Volunteer

13.                         Hispanic Resident’s Academy Volunteer


Volunteer/Internship Hours

According to volunteer coordinator Carla R. Glazebrook, Fresno Police Department is in the process of establishing a formal policy that requires all interns to commit to a minimum of 50 weeks and four hours per week of service/learning due to the intensive investment in vetting and training the volunteers including interns. Currently, more than 95% of its volunteer positions are during the traditional business days – Monday through Friday.


Volunteer/Internship Application Process

The application process may take several months to complete.


I.                Complete and print the two required forms available at their website

i.                VIPS application

ii.                Personal History Statement


II.                Call or email to schedule an appointment to submit completed forms.

a.            Appointment is mandatory. It is important to note that FPD’s facilities are secure, and you must call or email to schedule an appointment to gain access to the building. For an appointment, building location and parking instructions, please call 621-2328 or email

b.            Appointments are generally available Monday through Thursday between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.


III.                A full background check will be completed.

    Records check - DMV, local, county and state records (where you have lived and/or worked)

    Credit check via TransUnion Credit Services

    Interview with the applicant; verify that all information on the application is correct

    Review the Personal History Statement with the applicant

    Personal contact with all employers from the past 10 years, and all references   

    Personal contact with family members and neighbors

    Verify and receive all required documents (original Drivers License, Social Security card, proof of auto insurance, birth certificate, high school diploma and/or college degree).

    Determine if the applicant has ever had a license to carry a concealed weapon

    Check military records, if applicable

    Fingerprints through the State Department of Justice and FBI



Contact Person:

Carla R. Glazebrook

Volunteers in Police Service

FPD Volunteer Service Unit

2323 Mariposa Mall, Room 205

Fresno, CA 93721




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