Position Type:  Central Staff/Investigator

Date Posted:  10/24/2014

Closing Date:  Until Filled

Minimum: $56,877

Location:  Human Capital Management

This position holder will make every effort to ensure work performed addresses district and department goals and performance objectives, and complies with the district's policies and procedures. The scope of work usually entails conducting complex administrative investigations, relating to alleged violations and misconduct. It is expected that the position holder will perform the duties and possess the requirements as necessary to be successful within the HCM Professional Standards Office.



        Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in Human Resources, Business, Computer Science, or a  directly related field preferred

        Three years of directly experience conducting non-criminal investigations

        Working knowledge of Human Resources Information Systems

        Ability to demonstrate a strategic, consultative approach to resolving HCM related issues within the Professional Standards Office

        Proven ability to present a positive image for the district, maintain a professional demeanor, provide effective customer service and make good decisions

        Ability to safeguard sensitive and confidential information from intentional or unintentional disclosure

        Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and policies; knowledge of Texas Criminal Code of Procedure and Texas Penal Code preferred

        Knowledge of the techniques, methods and procedures used in gathering information and evidence and conducting investigations

         Ability to handle difficult situations firmly, courteously, tactfully and impartially

         Ability to secure the cooperation of others in difficult situations

        Ability to organize and coordinate multiple tasks and to work under time pressure

        Proven skills in using HR software and Microsoft Office Professional, particularly in Excel and Access databases

        Ability to self-teach and self-test new tools and methodologies and must have problem solving skills

         Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and written, at all levels

         Proven strong customer service skills



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       Conduct administrative investigations relating to alleged violations of Dallas lSD policies and procedures, abuse, conflicts of interest or other misconduct, as instructed

        Collect, analyze and process evidence relating to administrative investigations or abuse of Dallas ISO violations of policies and procedures

        Investigate leads, secure facts and examine evidence and scenes to establish the extent of violations

         nterview victims, informants, witnesses, and suspects and prepare memoranda of interviews of fact and detailed reports of investigation

       Testify at employee hearings and/or outside agencies as it relates to an investigation

        Exchange information with other Dallas ISD personnel and other law enforcement agencies, as appropriate

        Prepare executive summaries, reports and analysis in an effort to improve work environment

        Provide excellent customer service to employees by responding to telephone, email, and in-person inquiries to assist with HCM related topics, while remaining impartial and confidential

        Maintain appropriate liaison with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, courts, correctional facilities, the Texas Education Agency and other school districts

        Monitor criminal cases to be sent to the grand jury related to incidents involving Dallas lSD employees

        Keep abreast of technical, legislative, and professional trends and developments affecting the department's target populations

        Enter information in the HR Information System and other HCM systems, while utilizing the data to run reports

        Perform all other tasks and duties as assigned