Job Title:

Corrections Officer I (A)   



Req. No:



Topeka Correctional Facility

Posting Type:


Job Description: 

Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Job Description

Topeka Correctional Facility is accepting applications and scheduling testing for COI A positions.  This position supervises and maintains discipline and control of inmates at all times.  Performs searches of inmates, persons, and physical areas in order to prevent and control contraband.  Observes and monitors inmates, activities, and interactions while enforcing policies, rules, and regulations.  Follows established security procedures in controlling visitor, staff, inmate, and vehicular traffic to prevent the admittance or exit of authorized persons and the introduction of contraband; and takes and reports periodic counts of inmates.  Responds to emergency situations in accordance with appropriate contingency plans.  Subject to regular rotation or post and/or shift assignment within the facility.  Corrections Officers are required to weapons qualify under KDOC guidelines during initial training and on an annual basis.

A full position description and required Essential/Event Driven Physical Functions for this classification can be obtained by contacting the recruiter listed below.  To be considered for a COI position, applicants must successfully complete a corrections officer test and meet minimum score to be considered for an interview.  Topeka Correctional Facility schedules testing on the first Wednesday of each month beginning September 4, 2013.  Please contact TCF to learn more about the testing process and to schedule testing




Minimum Qualifications:

   At least 19 years of age at the time of appointment

   High school diploma or equivalent

   Valid driver’s license

   Free of felony conviction(s)

   Free of any felony or misdemeanor domestic violence crime as set forth in 18 U.S.C. 922 (d) (9) and (g) (9).


Performance Standards:

Corrections Officer I A  are evaluated on their ability to observe and recall inmate behavior, surroundings, and events; write clear and complete sentences; quickly respond to emergencies, climb stairs, and use physical force to subdue violent and resisting inmates; remain alert over long periods of time; remain calm during stressful situations; and interact with inmates and co-workers to establish and maintain effective working relationships.  The incumbent must be capable of performing Essential Physical Functions.  An initial 12-month probationary period is required for new Corrections Officers.







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