Job Title:

Police Officer - Lateral Level


$5,568.00 - $6,688.00 Monthly

Job Type:

Full-time regular


1635 Grove Street, Marysville, Washington


 Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to protect life and property, prevent and suppress crime, apprehend criminals, and enforce laws and ordinances. Work normally involves patrol, investigation, traffic enforcement, resolving complaints, and report writing duties. The City is strongly oriented toward proactive crime prevention activities and supports community based law enforcement practices.




 Examples of Job Duties:

  Other duties may be assigned as needed. 

  1. Patrols the city to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crimes, and to enforce traffic regulations.
  2. Responds to calls for service involving traffic accidents, domestic situations, misdemeanor or felony offenses, and other public disturbances, and takes necessary police action.
  3. Provides assistance to citizens in critical and/or emergency situations where the security of lives and/or property may be endangered.
  4. Investigates complaints of crimes, either as a uniformed officer or a plain clothes detective, including gathering evidence at crime scenes and locating and questioning witnesses.
  5. Prepares and presents records and cases for prosecutions and/or investigation of criminal, civil, and traffic offenses; testifies as a witness in court.
  6. Assists other jurisdictions and agencies in routine law enforcement activities, emergency situations, and as part of undercover investigations involving narcotics, gambling, and other activities.
  7. Trains reserve police officers.
  8. Maintains department and personal equipment in good operating condition.
  9. Maintains firearms proficiency.
  10. Assists with animal control activities.







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