WORK LOCATION:   Elwha Justice Center

SUPERVISED BY:    Chief of Police

POSITION STATUS: Permanent-Full time-Full Benefits          

SALARY LEVEL:      Level 12D                 

WORK SCHEDULE: Varies-working hours must have flexibility

CLOSING DATE:  Open until filled 


Job Description



Employees in this classification are charged with law enforcement/investigation responsibilities, and provide law enforcement/investigation services to the citizens and visitors of the Lower Elwha Tribal Community. This may include either uniformed, plain clothes, or special detail assignments. Area of responsibilities may include the standard boundaries of the Tribal Community and additional areas as dictated by need, and assignment. Work under the direction of the Chief of Police or Sergeant who reviews on an occasional basis for the overall effectiveness of compliance with policies, tribal, state and federal laws





  Enforce tribal laws and ordinances

  Respond to citizen requests for assistance

  Arrest criminal code violators

  Monitor vehicle traffic on highways and roads within the tribal jurisdiction

  Investigate vehicle accidents

  Write reports, citations, document and maintain files, including using computers for reporting and retrieval

  Execute evictions and repossessions

  Transport inmates and juveniles to and from correctional facilities and court

  Search prisoner for weapons and contraband

  Acquire, execute and return warrants and search warrants

  Collect and process evidence

  Participation on special teams

  Answer telephone and letter requests from attorneys, plaintiffs and tribal court officer

  Testify in court

  Operate vehicles and other equipment, including firearms, during hours of work

  Intervene in domestic and mental health disturbances

  Maintain prompt and regular attendance

  Perform other work relevant to job duties as required 



  Must possess valid Washington State driver license

  High school diploma

  Pass background investigation, psychological exam, medical exam and polygraph

  No misdemeanor convictions within one year of hire date, with the exception of minor traffic offenses

  No Domestic Violence convictions that would prevent the applicant from carrying a Firearm under Federal or Washington State Law

  Must not have been convicted of any federal felony or offense punishable in Washington as a felon

  Excellent intrapersonal skills

  Ability to work independently as a cooperative member of a team

  Ability to handle stress in a positive manner

  Knowledge and understanding of client confidentiality requirements

  Knowledge of Lower Elwha community and resources and the ability to maintain working relationships with other community/external agencies

  Willingness to drive in a tribal government vehicle 







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