Crime Scene Technician

Division/Section: Law Enforcement
Pay Grade: Civilian
Status: Full-Time
Starting Salary: $37,080
FLSA Class: Non-Exempt
Blood/Viral Pathogen Risk: Foreseeable Risk
Retirement Class: Special Risk


Purpose of Position:  The Crime Scene Technician is responsible for crime scene investigations, documentation of the scene, evidence collection and processing and other duties, both operational and clerical related to this position.
Qualifications/Education: Bachelor’s Degree required, preferably in Crime Scene Technology or a related discipline, At least one (1) year work experience in crime scene investigation work, Type 25 WPM accurately, Valid FL Driver’s License, Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, Basic knowledge of general office equipment, Ability to operate photographic and video equipment.




Working Conditions: This position works varied hours, including nights, holidays, and weekends and is subject to routine call-outs.  Works in an office environment within evidence storage areas (both inside and outside) and other outside areas with exposure to inclement weather conditions, various odors, hazards and pathogens in the work environment with close contact with the public and where exposure to elements and/or pathogens is highly foreseeable. This position is not sedentary and may be subjected to long periods of standing. Additionally, many crime scenes are dangerous, unsanitary locations and involve unsightly and disturbing images, such as severe body trauma, motor vehicle accidents, etc., and handling of deceased persons.  This position also attends, takes photos, and collects evidence during autopsies. This position is subject to random drug testing. 
Abilities: This position frequently performs such tasks as grasping, pushing, pulling, reaching away from their body, bending, squatting, kneeling, lifting and carrying items up to 10 lbs., and occasionally climbing, reaching above his/her head, lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs.  Communicates effectively with Agency personnel, various governmental and law enforcement agencies, and the public, on the phone, in person, and in writing, while maintaining confidentiality. Effective communication skills: reading, writing and speaking English; listening and hearing.  The position requires the ability to operate a large vehicle, such as a truck or van, which is custom equipped for crime scene processing. This position occasionally takes crime scene photos from a helicopter without having motion sickness and operates photographic/video equipment, telephone, copier, computer (including keyboarding and mouse) to enter, retrieve, and duplicate information.
Essential Functions:  Attached is a list of tasks, policies and proficiencies for this position, all of which are considered essential, as well as any statements contained within this page.  All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.  Some requirements may exclude individuals who pose a direct threat or significant risk to the health and safety of themselves, other employees, or the public.  This job description in no way states or implies the attached duties are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.  Employee will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related duties requested by his/her supervisor.







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