Job Title

PT Specialist (Crime Scene Technician)


YB Associate in Science Programs

Required Qualifications

The position requires at least an Associate’s degree, a College Credit Certificate in Crime Scene Technology, and at least five years of experience working as a crime scene technician or investigator for a law enforcement agency.

Substitute of Experience for Education Permitted


Job Description

Crime Scene Lab Technicians will assist the instructors of record in selected crime scene courses. They will be responsible: (1) to set up and demonstrate crime scene related equipment, (2) to conduct and explain crime scene related experiments, and (3) offer technical instruction, under the supervision of the instructor of record, in areas directly related to the processing of crime scenes and the evidence there discovered.




Supplemental Job Information

This part-time position will not exceed 29 working hours per week. The supervisor will establish the work schedule upon hiring. Crime Scene Technicians, unless otherwise provided for by contract, will have a minimum of 15 contact hours in the classroom and be available as needed for student consultations. They shall also be responsible to provide such additional hours as needed to set up equipment and experiments.

Additional Documents Required

This position requires at least an awarded Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited educational institution. Applicants must attach a copy of their diploma or transcript, showing at least the minimum qualifications, at the time of application. In addition, applicants must attach a copy of their College Credit Certificate in Crime Scene Technology and resume at the time of application. If selected for an interview, applicants must bring an original transcript to the interview showing the awarding of the required degree. If the transcript has not been updated to show the awarding of the required degree, applicants must bring written documentation from the educational institution showing when the degree was awarded.


Ybor City


Tampa, Florida

Pay Rate

$13.51 to $18.07

Pay Basis


Open Until Filled


Job Category


Job Type

Part-Time Regular







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