Sheriff's Deputy

Dekalb County Sheriff

Decatur, GA


Conducts investigations to determine location/locate individuals named in criminal and civil papers.
Serves felony and misdemeanor warrants; arrests individuals named in warrants; executes lunacy pickup orders; transports prisoners to county jail or to mental institutions.
Enforces all the rules and regulations of the courtroom and/or jail; maintains safety and security of the general public, facility staff, and county inmates; escorts inmates to various parts of the jail or court facility.
Processes incoming jail inmates by taking accurate and classifiable fingerprints, photographs, and personal history; collects, inventories, and stores inmate personal clothing, jewelry, and money; issues jail clothing, linens, personal hygiene/cleaning supplies and bedding.
Transports inmates to and from court; provides safety and security during transport; guards prisoners in court; maintains order and security in courtrooms; searches witnesses and the public for weapons.
Processes bond monies and all cash bonds; approves and arranges bail bonds.
Observes security monitors to watch inmate movement; supervises inmates during visitation, recreation, and medical call; reports unusual observations to superiors.
Responds to questions, complaints, and requests for information by telephone or in person from inmates, the general public, court personnel, medical staff, attorneys, clergy, officers, employees, and supervisors.
Conducts periodic security inspections and searches of inmates' person and living quarters for unauthorized items including weapons, drugs, and smoking paraphernalia.
Supplies inmates with meals; ensures medical attention is provided to inmates as needed; dispenses medication to inmates under the direction of physician or nurse.
Mediates disputes between inmates and/or staff members; counsels and/or disciplines inmates as required.
Documents all activity conducted in assigned position; completes daily activity reports, log books, incident reports, vehicle inspection forms, inmate property receipts, and various other reports and documents associated with routine duties of Deputy Sheriff; maintains files and records.
* Indicates an "essential" job function.





Job Code: 7101
Grade: 23
FLSA:  Nonexempt
Maintains law and order, serves legal processes of courts, provides courtroom services, and provides and maintains security, safety, care, and control of inmates, detention facility and facility equipment.


Must possess a valid Georgia driver's license. 
Must be at least 21-years of age.  
Must pass current Georgia P.O.S.T certification as a law enforcement officer.  
Must be licensed and qualified to operate a firearm.


MINIMUM: High school diploma or GED


Two years of experience as a law enforcement officer
Georgia P.O.S.T. certification as a law enforcement officer or one year experience as a Detention Officer III/Jail Training Officer with DeKalb County.







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