Security Professional

Work Schedule: Full Time

Salary: $48,796 – $99,296

Location: Washington, DC metropolitan area


The mission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is to provide national security intelligence to the President of the United States and senior US policymakers. The Office of Security supports the CIA's mission by providing a comprehensive, worldwide security program that protects CIA personnel, information, facilities, programs and activities, and technical capabilities. Security professionals progress through a system of formal and informal training, as well as developmental assignments that expose them to a wide variety of security disciplines including personnel security, physical and technical security, cyber security, program security and acquisitions security.


The CIA Office of Security is seeking entry level Security Professionals in the Multi-disciplined Security Officers (MDSO) occupation. MDSO work involves the collection, analysis and reporting of security or counterintelligence related information; resource and program management; policy; and liaison with other Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and US Government partners. Positions in this occupation include: polygraph examiner; background investigator (for security clearances and other areas of interest); financial investigator and computer forensics investigator; clearance adjudication; counterintelligence analyst; and deployed security support to CIA mission elements. MDSO careerists also have the opportunity to be assigned to other US Government Agencies to support their unique security and mission requirements. Domestic and overseas positions are available within this occupation.





This profession requires individuals who are highly organized and analytic, possess impeccable representational and communication skills, enjoy working in a team environment, have unimpeachable integrity, and are willing to move into new skills building assignments every 2-3 years. While the interests of an individual officer are taken into consideration when job assignments are made, MDSO careerists must be willing to accept positions and develop skills to meet the mission needs of the CIA.


Both classroom and on-the-job training is provided, most of which is in the Washington, D.C. area. Individuals interested in a career as an MDSO must also be willing to take training in firearms, defensive tactics and driving, and CPR.


MDSO careerists must be willing to work in a variety of different positions. MDSO careerists have the opportunity to deploy to other offices within the CIA or be assigned to other US Government Agencies to support their security requirements. MDSO careerists also have the opportunity to be assigned to resource management jobs such as plans, program management, and finance. Domestic and overseas positions are available within this occupation.


Minimum requirements include a Bachelor's degree from a nationally accredited college or university (GPA 3.0 or better); excellent oral and written communication skills; analytical skills; strong interpersonal skills; and high levels of trustworthiness, integrity and loyalty to the US are required. All applicants must undergo successful occupational testing to include an aptitude test, writing test, personality inventory, and interview.

Areas of study currently desired:








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